Which Hilton Bag do You Like Better?


Which Bag Do You Prefer?

  1. Black Balenciaga City

  2. Chanel White Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you had a chance to own either ONE of these handbags the Hilton girls are wearing, which one would they be and why? Btw, I don't like the Hilton girls at all, they just happen to be the two celebrities I was able to get a photo of carrying my two favorite bags!

  2. Definitely the Balenciaga!
  3. Normally, I would probably say Chanel, but I choose Balenciaga in this case. The Chanel flap doesn't seem like it would be good for every day use, and I don't care for white bags. The black City seems more practical.
  4. Balenciaga hands down!
    More functional, yet classy!
  5. Chanel.
    I owned the Balenciaga and sold it because it was too floppy for me. I guess I like more structured bags.
  6. I agree! I dislike white bags. That exact Balenciaga is on my wishlist.

  7. chanel for sure!
  8. I prefer the chanel. It fits better with pair's outfit
  9. I'd choose the Chanel only because i already have so many Balenciaga's, hehe
  10. the chanel because.. well its a chanel!
  11. Chanel is classic, but I chose Black Balenciaga since it is more practical.
  12. Chanel.
  13. I don't own any Bbags but if I do finally get to own one, I would want one of the other brilliant colors they come in - not black. So I vote for the Chanel. Just like sparklychanter said, becuase it's Chanel!
  14. Hmm...I love both bags - but not with what Paris and Nicky are wearing:sad: , and I like those two girls! One would think the Hilton sisters would have chosen more colorful bags to go with their colorful dresses -- or at least something less stark than black and white. But I guess if I had to go with one bag I would definitely go with the Balenciaga! The leather on it looks amazing!

  15. I would pick the Chanel, I have a slouchy black Gucci already, plus I have been eyeing the white Chanel lately. I really like both bags quite a lot though.