Which Hillier Hobo should i get?? Pleaseee Help!

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Which Hillier Hobo should i get?

  1. *

    Chianti(1st one)

    9 vote(s)
  2. Dirty Martini(2nd one)

    10 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Chianti


    Dirty Martini

  2. I love Chianti!!!!
    You may deside considering the colours you have in your wardrobe. I would be able to match the red with all of my clothes (almost), but never the brownish colours...
  3. ^^i love chianti too! I've wanted a red-ish bag for sooo long and this one is the perfectt colour but the dirty martini would match more of my clothes....ahh decisions decisions:sad:
  4. Both colors are gorgeous but I vote dirty martini! I had a hillier in dirty martini and it was my favorite bag, carried it and used it every day for a long time. It went with everything. Still sad that I let it go!
  5. aww! is the pic above an accurate representation of what the colour really looks like?
  6. I never really liked dirty martini, but that picture changes my mind!
    It depends on which bag you think will suit you more and go with most your outfits :]

    I vote chianti though, such a gorgeous red :heart:
  7. Tough choice..both? :devil:

    But seriously, love the chianti..get whichever you think you'll find more versatile with your wardrobe! ;)
  8. dirty martini, but only because there are so many fab red bag colors. It's funny, because I just got a speedy too, and I've been looking at the hillier hobo too! I think I'm gonna get a neverful first and then get this, but ANYWAY you can't go wrong with either, but if you aren't planning on getting some nice red bags anytime soon then go for the red. I hope your mom and sister don't give you trouble for this purchase!
  9. lol!!! you read my other thread eh? haha, i'm still contemplating on whether i should buy this bag, i'm not sure yet!
  10. The red one would look so fab with my winter jacket and olive green circle scarf but the dirty martini would be more versatile for my summer outfits, i don't know:sad:
  11. I saw the Chianti IRL the other day and it's the perfect shade of red I've been looking for. I vote Chianti!
  12. That Chianti color just sings to me, that would be my choice :graucho:
  13. Yes! It's sort of a olive green with grayish tones, it's hard to describe but very neutral and looks great with everything.
  14. Definitely the dirty martini. :smile: