Which HH would you choose? Triple strap or Havana?

  1. I want something great for everyday (not as a work bag but more for shopping, meeting up with friends etc), pretty comfy to wear, and in a pretty camel/light tan shade. I'm so drawn to the color of the vachetta triple strap and the overall looks of it (it was the first HH bag I was drawn to) but the practicality and comfort or the Havana is calling out to me. I just bought a Havana in black and so I do already have one. Should I stick to another Havana in a light color or go for the vachetta triple strap? I'm thinking that the Havana would be a lot more comfortable to wear over an extended period of time but then again I've no experience with the triple strap. What would you do? I'm thinking of buying one off eBay so it would be a final sale on a bag I would buy sight unseen...
  2. Havana hobo! I love this bag! It has tons of room without being huge IMO. Also, it's one of the most comfortable bags to carry around. It's a beautiful bag and I would love to buy another in a different color down the line. I think you would love it!
  3. The eBay auction has a really good BIN, most definitely; I'm surprised it hasn't been snapped up.

    I am no help for a decision on this one, but - that price - gosh.
  4. Okay, I just read that you already own one...I should read things more carefully! If you already have one, then maybe you want to try the Triple strap. It's hard to buy just one HH bag as i'm learning...I just bought my 3rd in 1 month. I'm sure someone will come along that owns both and can help you better than I! Let us know what you pick :smile:

    P.S: I just looked at the Triple strap on eBay...I say get it! It's beautiful and that way you have some variety. It would make a great fall bag for sure.
  5. I just bought my third HH in one month, too:wtf: I don't have the Havana or Triple Strap, so cannot offer an informed opinion. Since you have the Havana, why not try the Triple Strap. If you don't like it, you can always exchange it for the Havana.
  6. I have the Triple Strap in the vachetta color and love it. I think it's a little more sophisticated, dressier looking than the Hobo.

  7. Would you say that its okay for a casual bag? And how do you like the color? The luggage and saddle colors are just a little darker and more brown than I wanted. I am so lusting after a true camel or light tan but I always have such a hard time really determining actual color online. What is it like irl? Also, I have a friend who just got one in cocoa and she is delighted with how buttery soft the leather is. Is it the same on the vachetta color as well?
    BTW, thank you for all of the wonderful feedback and comments! I so need the help! :p
  8. I don't have a Havana, but I do have a triple strap & I luv the bag. The double handles and longer shoulder strap make it an easy bag to carry around (I've read that some people even carry it on their shoulder using the shorter handles, but I like a longer drop, so I use the shoulder strap). I also think it's a great alternative to a Balenciaga - similar shape/style in gorgeous colors, but at a much lower price. It's not a very heavy bag and the leather is heavenly. If you already have a Havana, I say go for the tri-strap (esp at the price it's offered on ebay - it's hard to find these for <$300!)
  9. Absolutely okay for a casual bag. I think it's a great day to evening bag. Casual enough for shopping and dressy enough for dinner and drinks. I think the leather is the same as the cocoa. It's very nice, though not so soft that you can ball it up, it definitely has some structure. The color was described by one of my collegues as the ultimate tan and I agree. No brown. It's almost skin-toned.
  10. Woohoo! :yahoo: I just bought the triple strap in vachetta! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback! You were all so very helpful! :yes:
  11. Congrats Glamourgirl - pls let us know what you think when you get the bag (and post pics!!)
  12. Congrats, you're gonna love it!!!
  13. Great choice - congrats! I have the triple strap, and I love it!
  14. Can't wait to see pics!
  15. Yay! FWIW, I think you will LOVE the triple stap! Can't wait to see pics!