Which Hermes Store Do You Know That Ships Internationally?

  1. okay, I've posted this on the inventory thread and now I'm really opening a new thread on this. As I've heard that many Hermes stores are now getting pretty "regional", and kind of only save purses for the "local customers", which other Hermes stores actually would ship? Please list the ones that you know and I'm ready to have my fingers dialing the numbers! :shame: :biggrin: :suspiciou :amuse: :nuts: :idea: :lol:
  2. hermes toronto , hermes st tropez ships internationally.

  3. The mothership at 24, Faubourg also ships internationally.
  4. They do?!! Even Birkins and Kellys?:nuts: Do they only take AMEX though?
  5. kou- what I heard from a couple of stores, they would not ship Birkins and Kellys in any countries...I was also told that Hermes takes only Amex for shipping their items.

    Maybe Neiman Marcus or other Hermes own by department stores might have different rules.

    I know each Hermes has slightly different rules, but most of them (close to all of them) like to sell Birkins and Kellys to local customers when customers are physically IN THE STORE.:crybaby:
  6. Yes, Kou, but you have to be a really good customer. They do take AMEX, other cards, bank transfer, but not Visa/Mastercard.
  7. I agree. If you are REALLY good customer, they might sell Birkin/Kelly over the phone and ship it to you only very limited times. But they really prefer you to be in the store..Even if you are really good customer, they won't sell Birkin/ Kelly over the phone and ship it all the time for only that particular customer...you know what I mean...

    Wow, it is interesting...I didn't know they accept bank transfer...
  8. SF in the US will.
  9. i ordered a bag from Paris boutique.. My sister was in paris at the time, she paid for it and they shipped it to me (UAE) however, when she asked if they can charge MY credit card instead of paying cash, they said they dont accept international credit card unless the customer is in the store!
  10. Yes, OT is right, they do take wire transfers! :yes: That is how I usually pay OR with my AMEX if I am not there in person. I prefer to do it this way because it is a lot easier to deal with -- they just debit from your "Hermes account" :amuse:

    And some stores do ship internationally to clients, but generally not birkins/kellys unless, like many others have said, if you are a very special client.
  11. Heya OT! Believe it or not, I was able to pay for my birkin using Mastercard :biggrin: :yahoo: (free airline mileage hehehe) I would've paid amex but then the bill goes thru my brother before me (my bill is bundled up with the principal cardholder although i hafta pay for mine :crybaby:), and the last time i bought a kelly at hermes using that card, he nearly had a coronary :roflmfao:

  12. tresormakati, you're already up? Isn't it like 7 am over there?
  13. as the rest have stated, some boutiques mays ship - but generally not birks or kellys - especially when exotics are concerned. but then again, the rules "can" change if you're a very special client. they prefer amex or wire transfer.