Which Hermes scarf do you like better

  1. Let me start by saying there are rarely any ugly scarves at Hermes...if you know what I mean, but some just pop out and are better ones to purchase.

    I like the one you bought, but I think you should return and get the second. Would you be buying the second one just like the picture? It is a lovely shade of blue and the pattern is pleasant.

    I just feel the one you chose was very subdued and plain. There is nothing wrong with it and I think it would be quite lovely in pink myself, but it is plain. What do you plan to wear it with?

    If you plan to wear mostly solids I say #2 would be better as well. ONLY keep #1 in my opinion if your clothes would be a bit busier, than a quiter scarf would be perfect.

    Hope I helped.

    Also, how do you plan to wear it? That makes a difference too. Give some more details and I can help more.
  2. I like the first one when looking at fully open. However, when I roll it up to tie it, like you said, it's kind of plain. Not too much going on. With the second scarf depending on how you roll it there are a lot of different options/colors. I am really new at wearing scarves so I'm not sure if I will be wearing it or putting on my bags for now. I did get an Hermes book with it that shows you how to tie scarves in a billion different ways.
  3. Blue! Get the blue. If you're anything like me and wear jeans and black clothes most of the time, the blue will go beautifully with everything. I agree with Kellybag that the first scarf is a little dull....I was thinking of that same one and tried it on at the store but bought the Peony's instead for just that reason....
  4. Me too, Kat and now I have three H scarves and have worn the Peony's around my neck and as a belt on jeans. It's fun!
  5. I like both a lot but would probably choose the first for myself. :smile:
  6. I love the blue with the purple - is both an option??!!!!
  7. i like the first design better. However the second one might be more interesting when rolled up...
  8. The first design is simpler and more understated than the second.
    Is your wardrobe quiet (1st) or bold (2nd)?
    The second scarf is busier and it might bother me...too much pattern.
    Also, the second is more interesting when rolled up as HermesBB mentioned. It's really how you want to present the scarf...the first may blend in with your jacket, coat whereas the second may stand out more.
  9. I like the first one. The print is different, very simple and sophisticated :smile:
  10. The second one is gorgeous when knotted. The Hermes websites allows you to see it knotted. The first one is nice but plain. Hermes scarves are meant to be elaborate works of art.
  11. I personally prefer the one you bought a lot more than the second one. The pink one is classy & would go with just about anything. They are so different though, that if you like them both I'd be tempted to buy thye second one as well. :graucho: Not much help, I know...
  12. If you plan to roll up your scarves around your neck and wear solid-colored clothes then I would go for the second scarf.

    If you have printed clothes and would also like to have the scarf rolled up or open then I would stick with the first.
  13. We are a very diverse group here!!! Probably not much help though in decisions!
  14. Wow ... .what to do .... well, the SA told me that the second one (the blue one) is an older one and I may not be able to find it. She only had it in a brownish/red color. My husband is going to try the Hermes store in King of Prussia to see if they have the blue. Another thing I'm not crazy about the pink one is it is not all pink like the one I posted. 80% of the scarf is white. Only the outer edge is pink. So when it's rolled up it's basically white. I will take a pic of it so you guys can see what I'm talking about. I'll roll it up too and take a pic like that.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks.