Which Hermes Perfume ...

  1. ... absolutely does NOT work with you?
  2. I think it was rouge something, I don't know if it is still made, came in a burgundy bottle, very heavy smell, sorry but...:yucky:
  3. I think it's called caliche, or something like that. I wanted to puke when I smelled it.

    Everything smells different on everyone. So whats not good on me might be great on someone else!
  4. Answering my own question here ... I hadn't been able to try all of the perfumes yet. However, while most perfume smelled okay on me (not good, just so-so), the one that REALLY didn't smell good on me at the moment is "Eau du Merville" (I probably butchered the spelling). It smelled good when sprayed on a piece of paper, on me it just smelled ... aged?

    Rose Ikebana smelled the best on me. Then again, rose perfume seems to go really well with me in general.:yes:
  5. This is my favorite, I use it everyday! Eau Des Merveilles I use the body wash, cream lotion, body oil spray, and deodorant! Now they started making the shampoo and conditioner, can't wait til it hits the shelfs!!!
  6. The only one I can wear is Caleche Delicate (totally different from Caleche). Oh, and the nile one...:wlae:
  7. I'm not sure if it works on me but the heavy smell gives me a headache.
  8. good choice for Rose Ikebana (but this collection Hermanessence still very expensive 130 € for the bottle...)
    for summer time you can try : Jardin sur le nil (i'm using it) so light, so fresh and very delicate.
    Eau des merveilles is perfect for wintertime, very "warm"...
    Or if you prefer something more spicy for summer you have "Jardin en méditérannée".
  9. The only one I CAN wear is Jardin sur le nil
  10. I tried that perfume and while it smelled delicious (anything that smells like fruit, vanilla, or chocolate makes me hungry), it smelled different on me. I ended up feeling hungry and smelling like a lemon. My puppy doesn't like citrus so the one time I tried the sample of that perfume, he ran away from me:lol: . I guess that scent is not meant to be for me, but it definitely smell a lot better on me than Eau du Mervielle.

    Hermessence is definitely expensive. I really wish that their scent will be a bit more concentrated because whenever I use Rose Ikebana on me, the scent fades within 30 minutes and I have to keep adding. Votiver Tonka (I smell like a mix of Neroli and Lavender with that scent) lasts a bit longer on me but it too fades away very quickly. I have not tried the other to Hermessence yet so I don't know how they work or smell on me.

    I really really wish they can come out with Rose Ikebana in EDP!:nuts:
  11. Hermes perfumes really work well with me.

    My favorite is Doblis (HTF, leather smellin fragrance designed to remind you of the inside of a Kelly bag).

    Others that work well are EdM, Caleche, and Vanille Tonka.

    The only one I don't like, actually, is 24 Fauberg - but it smells fab on my mothere - go figure!
  12. "24 Fauberg" smells like soap on me and on paper it smells antique-ish. I wear the sample sometimes because it's the only scent that lasts the entire day on me (so I smell like soap all day). "24 Fauberg eau Delicat" smells strange on me for some reasons.

    I'm going to have to find a sample of Doblis somewhere to try it out.