Which Hermes do you want most???

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  1. Hello! This is my first post on this thread, and I thought I'd start a new one! Although I'm sure this one has been done a million times before, I just wanted to know which Hermes everyone out there wants most... I think my next will be a 30cm box calf Birkin. What do you think???
  2. :love: In my dreams a 35 fushia croc ....In reality waiting for a 35 orange birkin..
  3. Black Birkin - hopefully will be here in a few months.
  4. :drool::heart: 35 Cyclamen Croc Birkin and Metallic Gold 35 Birkin :heart::drool:
  5. Right now I just want my first H bag, not thinking big at this point, but I would love an Evelyne in Rose Shocking...or any color really! And all RS accessories. I'll go big in 2008.
  6. 30 or 35cm Chevre Birkin in Rose Shocking!!!! :biggrin: :love: :love:
  7. Welcome!
    I want a 37cm Bolide in Ebene Clemence then a black box Kelly 32
  8. Katie, Welcome!

    My mind seems to change, from hour to hour.....I sometimes stray, but seem to always come back to a KellySomething. Probably another 35...I'd love to have at least two in dramatically differing colors...in clemence.
  9. My most desired bag is a 30 cognac croc Birkin, but the one I currently have on order is a 32 chocolate brown Kelly in sellier with GH.
  10. 30cm Black Chevre Birkin & a Croc Kelly Pouchette
  11. 32cm Rouge Vif Croc Kelly GHW
  12. I want a kelly next. I love the 35cm and am thinking something springy and colorful....chartreuse(sp?),blue jean.....next is a black bag-maybe a 37cm mou bolide.
  13. 35cm porosus croc birkin in honey miel :drool: :graucho:
    If I can't have that, I'd love to have a blue jean birkin lined in fuschia or rose shocking! Either hardware would be fine on both.
  14. does it have to be only one....
    i want so many...
    at the moment...white birkin 30 in any soft non-exotic leather...white lock and PH.....
  15. The two Hermes bags that I want the most are:

    * 35cm Birkin in gold with gold hardward; togo or clemence
    * 35cm Kelly in orange with gold hardware; togo or clemence

    and I want them both very, very badly!