Which Hermes bag to take to a job fair?

  1. I'm going to a job fair for allied health professionals at a hospital in a fairly affluent area. I'd like to bring one of my Hermes bags, but don't know which one. Opinions?
    Choices (I've decided on not bringing anything larger than a 32 cm):
    -tricolor Kelly
    -gold Kelly
    -black PM Paris-Bombay
  2. I would take the 40 cm glazed cros with 40carats of diamonds in magenta ....

    Just kidding,I think the gold kelly, elegant, and slightly understated!
  3. LOL...I'd be too busy staring at my bag to interview:nuts: !
  4. I would take the Paris-Bombay
  5. Gold kelly says about you: classy, smart, and timeless. It'll make a good impression.
  6. Gold Kelly...
  7. Gold kelly has alot of votes:yes: ... but none for my 40 cm magenta croc with diamonds so far!:sad:
  8. The 40cm magenta croc with diamonds says I'm too rich to work, but I just like to come to job fairs to see what other people do. :beach:

  9. 40 cm croc with diamonds says "who wants to work for me?" !!!:wlae: :wlae:
  10. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  11. I'd go for the Paris Bombay. It's quirky and not-Hermes for those who don't know the brand well.
  12. I'd take a Bolide if you had one. Otherwise the Paris Bombay. It's understated in black. At a job fair, you want people to focus on you, not your accessories.
  13. Vote for the Bombay! Looks great and doesn't detract from the wearer nor attract unwanted attention.
  14. Definitely the Paris Bombay. You can most certainly flash the Kelly and Birkin AFTER you've landed the job and most importantly, negotiated the PAY you want.