Which Hermes bag to strive for?

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  1. Let me just give some background info: I am 23 and don't have any "good" Hermes bags yet. I am vacilating between saving my money for a "dressy" H bag, or a more practical one.
    I have an issue because I will likely have to save all spring to get something (trying to get my new boutique up and running, so I'm overextended) and I'm not sure what I want.

    Option 1 is a dressy clutch of some sort, such as a Kelly Pochette, Longue, or even a Jige.

    Option 2 is either a Picotin GM or if I'm really good about saving, a Lindy.

    My usual style is casual chic, jeans, cashmere sweaters or cutesy dresses in the spring/summer. I also dress up a lot in the spring/summer because I'm always working and going on weekends to a hotel where dress up is required at night.

    I also will have my DH's 30 year class reunion this June.:death:

    I feel the need to look the best (as usual) and because I am 25 years younger than all of them, I fear I will be scrutinized. I have to look my best. I am contemplating wearing the dress below, so with what H bag... or should I just keep saving for a more casual, everyday bag?

    Thanks for help in advance! Sorry this is so long!
  3. A Jige seems to work in your everyday life and your business life. But; does it hold all you need?
  4. I love my Jige and use it for everyday. You can really dress it up or down. If you don't carry a lot of stuff I'd say it's a great option!:woohoo:
  5. kelly jpg or kelly longue

    or how about a kelly25? i just saw one earlier today in real life and love it....i think it's dressy enough for evening and has more space than the clutches during the day.
  6. That dress screams Kelly to me. A lovely Kelly would go with casual wear and dressy wear.
  7. Kelly Pochette or the regular Kelly.
    I think you'll enjoy wearing any outfit with the Kelly especially for dinner parties, weddings, and special occasions.
  8. Get the Picotin or the Lindy. USE that bag! They are meant to be carried everyday.
    That dress is GORGEOUS! You can rent a nice clutch to go with it. Most of the people at the reunion wouldn't know Hermes from their elbow, so no need to try and impress them (and that would be the bag wearing YOU and not the other way round).
    Get the one that you will use everyday.
  9. My vote is for a kelly.
  10. Thank you, Tamarind, Nola, Crochetbella, Maria28, Gazoo, HaydenM, Hello, and Lisawhit!!!

    I really appreicate all of your input and time to answer my crazy fashion freak out question... I think I'm going to have to go with the Kelly Pochette and (if I can save enough) get the Picotin as well. I figure if I work my booty off trying to make my boutique make money, I could afford both... I'll keep you updated!

    As for the color.... Rose Shocking???
  11. Color is very personal. Get the color that makes you smile everytime you see it and all will be well.
  12. I agree with the "not knowing Hermes from their elbow" thing, which is definitely going to be the case... That is why I am going to set my goals high and strive for an everyday bag as well.

    I think that dress is amazing too!

    Thanks for your help!
  13. i think the kelly will be a great everyday, casual or dressy bag for you!
  14. I think a Kelly pouchette or Longue would be amazing! :tup:
  15. My vote is the Kelly pouchette. Take a look in the "Asian Women and their Birkins" link under Hermes on Tpf. There is a photo of an Asian Women using the pouchette in such a chic casual way. It will inspire you!