which heart ?


Which heart?

  1. framboise

  2. perle

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  1. I've got my name up for a speedy azur and i also asked about the heart coinpurses. I gave my name for a pink one but after seeiing some pics i think I like the perle one more. Which one would you choose considiring:
    - I'm planning to wear it in my azur speedy.
    - I will use it so it might get dirty...
    - I'm usually a pink kinda girl...
  2. framboise for sure!!! no doubt about it. soooooooo cute!
  3. It was a hard choice for me. I have a framboise cles, so I didn't want that...but did consider the perle. In the end I went with the red, since it is so much more iconic.
  4. I love the perle, but I feel like it would get so dirty, and something like a coin purse should be versatile, so definitely the framboise. If I can't get the pomme d'amour that I want, then the framboise is next on the list!
  5. framboise. also because you will use it in your bag. i would be scary to use something perle in it, because of the other things there are in the bag and the color transfer. you are a "pink girl" so go for the very nice framboise
  6. i love new red
  7. Framboise ~ gives you a warmer feeling (however the Perle is nice though).
  8. The framboise is gorgeous and seems like it would get that dusty look too fast if you kept it in your bag (and I'd NEVER keep it in a bag with the raspberry alcantara lining).
    I'm getting the pomme d'amour one :yes:
  9. framboise!
  10. I like the perle but would be scared of color transfer. I would choose pomme, perle, then framboise. That's just me though ;)
  11. I actually like the red one better. The Framboise is nice too, but the Perle is too easy to get color transfer.
  12. Pomme D'amour :heart:
  13. framboise

    the perle is nice too but I would be worried about getting it dirty I have the framboise cles it's a really nice colour bright but kinda subdued too
  14. Framboise, since you are a pink kind of girl.
  15. Framboise or Pomme - I would just be too afraid to use the Perle, I would want to put it on something bright, and then it would just get ruined.