which heart should i get?


heart coin purse in which colour?

  1. pomme d'amour

  2. miroir silver

  3. miroir gold

  4. multicolour

  5. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i was thinking of getting a heart coin purse, but not sure which colour i should get it in. ok i don't know how to work the poll option. but here are my choices: pomme d'amour, miroir silver, or gold. any other suggestions?
  2. Go for the gold!!
  3. I'd love a Pomme and a silver :smile:
  4. pomme!
  5. i think it's very expensive... well for me to get.. but i want them.. so i guess i'm only getting one.. if i'm even getting any... =(
  6. oh, and i'm planning to get the tivoli pm, so i hope the heart can go with it in terms of colour combination... and perhaps i'm getting another azur piece in the near future... any colour that's versatile will be good.
  7. Pomme!
  8. Pomme!
  9. Pomme goes with most LV's!
  10. I'd go with Pomme also.
  11. but i saw some pics of the heart in gold.. it was sooo stunningly beautiful.. omg... right now i'm stuck in between pomme and the miroire... i wish i could get all 3 of them =P
  12. Well, if you're getting the Tivoli, the Pomme will look amazing with it, a really nice contrast! Also, the Azur looks adorable with a Pomme piece on it.
  13. I voted for gold:love:
  14. Pomme, its my fave vernis colour of all time! :heart:
  15. I would go for gold - I got the pomme one last year and love it , but I would go for gold