Which HEART is better? The VERNIS or the MIROIR?

  1. I can't decide which I like better...hmm!

    How come the miroir hearts don't have the cute little charms/locks on it?

    Oh and a stupid question...does LV produce these hearts for every Valentines Day? When was the first heart coin purse released?
  2. To be honest, I find the miroir hearts kind of cheap looking - I much prefer the Vernis: I like their colours, too!
  3. you need to take a look in person and grab which ever makes you go -- oh yeah!
  4. I prefer the vernis ones esp since they have the cute charms!

    Love my pomme heart purse. :love:
  5. Personally, I much prefer the vernis..I don't like the miroir at all.
  6. I like both I'm no help

    but your other question the first time they released them was last valentines we didn't think they'd be coming back so no idea if they will be done every year
  7. I'm no help either....I got the gold one and am going to pick up another in amarante :shrugs:
    I like both, but I do think that the mirior ones are a bit too plain without the little extra charms. IMHO, I think the gold and silver should have been a bit cheaper. Like that was going to happen though!
  8. I both have their ups and downs. I'm much less afraid to use the ones in metallic than the one in pearl because of colour transfer, and I fell that they are more versatile becuase they don't have the charms. On the other hand, the charms are really cute as well. ;)
  9. I like the vernis better and I just got today:yes:my heart coin purse in the Pomme de Amor color the red. I love the charms on it :heart:. But my LV store in NJ only got 2 in each color and 1 of each color in the mirror. I was the first on the waiting list from a month ago and I finally got to pick one up. Early in the morning they were sold out. So my best advice to you is you don't have much time to see them in person and make a choice, get whatever color you can because they won't last very soon. My sales associate told me that they are not getting another shipment so rush.
  10. I agree, get whichever you can, I bought a silver one and am picking up a pomme tonight...I am trying to decide on getting an amarante one I have on hold as well!
  11. both:smile:)))
  12. i like the vernis, especially the pomme color.. (just look at my signature:p)
  13. i love both, but if i had to pick it would be the gold mirroir!
  14. I prefer the Vernis, I just love all the gorgeous colors!
  15. I like the Pomme Vernis