Which heart are you getting?


Which heart are you getting?

  1. Pomme Heart

  2. violet Heart

  3. Amrante Heart

  4. Silver Heart

  5. Gold Heart

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Last year I really wanted the pomme heart but missed out and ended up with an MC one. This year I don't know which one to get. I don't have anything in miroir but have a ton of vernis items in both pomme and amarante but I love the little charms and am not a purple person.

    What do I do? What are you going to do?
  2. i voted Silver Heart--if i could get one that is the one I would get. i think it would go really well with both Pomme and Amarante. but i'm on a 1-year ban :sad: and my birthday isn't until May, so no hearts for me :crybaby:
  3. Sweetneet...I am on a ban too..and my bday is in May, BUT I think I promised hubby no more BAGS so I think I get to have a heart and call it my Valentine's present...that's the story I am sticking with anyway. I like the silver too.
  4. I would love a silver heart :tup:
  5. I should be on a ban, but I don't think I can resist a heart. I would take any of them but I'm especially interested in 1. Pomme, 2. Silver, 3. Amaranthe
  6. I WL for all 5 color and the silver cosmetic purse. Now I'm confused. it's such a wasted if i don't use them all and they are same style.
  7. RG i think you should get one of the miroirs. like you said, you have tons of vernis and the violette isn't really striking you. i only WL for the gold heart but i'm going to pass since i have stronger lusts for s/s bags heheh.
  8. i'm waitlisted for gold and silver and the violette, unfortunetly i'm not fond of the other vernis colors! I would have loved one in raspberry though...ohhh but they should have made this in the FUCHSIA color! That would be TDF
  9. silver heart for me (if the price is reasonable) otherwise my funds will go towards another accessory.
  10. I waitlisted for silver, gold, and pomme hearts. I really wanted pomme last year, but got the MC one so this year I want my pomme! The silver and gold hearts will go well with my Miroir Lockits so I hope I get those too.
  11. I've waitlisted my husband for the gold heart. :graucho: Hope he gets it! I like the gold because it will "match" more LV bags than the silver.

    So I voted for gold!
  12. Silver!
  13. I missed the hearts the first time around too, but I'm on the waitlist for the Gold.
  14. I'm the list for silver one too. hopefully my SA didn't forget to put my name on it. Will have to call her someday soon this week before it's officially released.
  15. I waitlisted for all the vernis color ... I'd be happy just to get one since I totally missed out last year!