Which Hayden-Harnett? Mimi in Olive or Big Mimi in White? Help please!


Olive Suede Mimi or White Quilted Big Mimi?

  1. Mimi in Olive Suede

  2. Big Mimi in White

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  1. I'm eyeing these two Hayden Harnett bags - the Mimi in Olive Suede and the Big Mimi in Quilted White. I think the Big Mimi is a better everyday size for me, but is it too summery? I think the suede one would be better for fall. Anyone have these bags? What do you think of them? TIA!


  2. I like the quilted pattern on the white and the chain straps better. I personally don't have a problem with carrying white bags in fall/winter.
  3. I think you'd get more use out of the Mimi in olive suede - but then, you've probably got a longer spring/summer season down there in GA then we do here in MN.

    BUT - I really like the mix of leathers in the olive - it's very unique, distinctive even.

    Which straps do you like better? It may come down to something as simple as that ....
  4. I vote for the olive MIMI particularly cause that's what I ordered from the ongoing hot sale! ;)
  5. I voted for olive, I almost bought the olive, it's finally sold out so the decision has been made for me. I think it's an adorable bag but I hesitated because it was hard for me to visualize when I would use it. I love white bags but I thought the white mimi was too white. HHs chalk version of white is perfect. I am eyeing to other sale bags that I hope will go down. Handbag Gods, please answer me prayers!
  6. urbngirl Did you miss the HH sale Thursday?
  7. I vote olive, but that's because what I ordered (and my sister, too).
  8. Thanks for the input! I ordered the Olive. The sale price was just too good to pass up, and I don't have anything like it in my collection. I still love the Big Mimi, too, but I did not like the white as much as some of the other colors (the white was the only one on sale). Can't wait to get it!
  9. I would go with the Olive, Summer is going to be over in a month@! You can use the Olive all winter.
  10. So glad to see you went for the olive! I did too-- just waiting for it to be delivered. :smile:
  11. I guess I am the minority here..I like the white better ..I just ordered one!..I hope it is not too heavy though..
  12. Olive! It's very rich looking and I love the straps -- makes the bag a little more modern.