Which hayden harnett bag?

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  1. I originally posted this in the wardrobe section like a dork! Okay, I'm trying to decide between 3 HH bags. This will have to be the last bag that I can have as I have put myself on a purse ban (actually dh did) until December 2007. I have sold off all of my other bags and bought new clothes and all I have now is a Coach Signature Stripe in Demi...and a diaper bag. I really love Coach, but would like to branch out and get something a little more "funkier"...also, I really need to be able to comfortably put it on my shoulder. I'm not sure how to post pics from the website...sorry! I've narrowed it down to: Mercer Satchel (Chocolate) or Lorca Demi (Choc) and the last one I already knowis probably not practical:Mercer Clutch (amethyst). This is what I need to carry: Coach Legacy French Wallet, Small cosmetic bag, keys, toddler snacks and maybe small sippy. Would all this totally NOT fit in the Mercer Clutch? THis is my very last bag until December 2007...which one?! Thanks!
  2. to fit all your stuff? i would say the Mercier Satchel
    Have you considered anything bigger? Like the Gaza Hobo?
  3. I think I may go with the Mercer Satchel. The Gaza may be a little too big..but it's really cute too!
  4. Mercer Satchel! You will LOVE this bag, I promise!!!
  5. Mercer Satchel! I just received mine today (in poppy! It's TDF!!!) and it is SO roomy, yet doesn't LOOK big. It's got a pursonality that just doesn't stop, but that might be because it's in poppy (such a delicious color) I can't wait to start carrying it. I am also a nut for the Inka, but in your case, I think you'd appreciate the Mercer Satchel more, although it won't go on your shoulder as easy as the Inka does...
  6. Thanks! I think it will be Mercel Satchel in Chocolate. Poppy sounds beautiful too! I'm tempted by the Plum. I have to wait for my dh to come home before I order:girlsigh:!

  7. GET PLUM!

    You will be surprised with how amazingly it goes with everything - yet it is not black/brown!
  8. I'm seriously considering the plum now!
  9. let us know what you have decided!
  10. It's not one you mentioned, but it seems like you like to carry a lot with you - and I'm thinking the Mercer Satchel might be just a little too small. Have you thought about the Triple Strap Satchel? It has the dual handles (double handles/detachable shoulder strap). The leather is wonderfully soft, and it's a gorgeous bag to look at.

    I recently added one and was carrying it up until this week. I was able to fit a lot into it w/o getting bulky. Plus, it was easy to carry on my arm, and then hang on my shoulder when necessary.

    You sound a lot like me, and I know that the Mercer Satchel wasn't large enough for my needs.
  11. Hmmm...I'll go and check out. Do you think the straps on the Mercer Satchel are long enough? Is it too short height wise? I'm off to check out the one you suggested! Lucky my dh is having me wait until he gets home...I'm having trouble deciding!
  12. IMO the Mercer Satchel fits very comfortably over the shoulder with room to spare.
  13. i also think the mercer satchel will fit what you described! i also agree that the mercer clutch would probably be too small - it looks best when it's not crammed and can be relatively 'flat.' i think the sippy cup would take it over the edge :smile: i love the purples that HH does (plum, amethyst, prune etc). they totally go with everything and look really "rich" in tone. i am trying to figure out what i can sell on ebay to rationalize buying the Gaza Satchel in Prune! :smile: let us know what you pick! and welcome to the cult ;)
  14. From the sounds of it and her bag choices AlohaGirl seems to like smaller bags - so maybe the Mercer Satchel would be as big as she would go, considering that she thought the Gaza Hobo to be too big - and the Triple Strap is even bigger than the Gaza Hobo...

    Honestly? I would prefer Triple Strap - because it comes in the beautiful smoke blue colour!
    Heck - I love them all! Except for the small bags really...
  15. That's too funny about the sippy cup :smile: I thought the Triple Strap was tdf...but I'm on a strict budget of 300.00 and I'm SO glad that HH was having a sale...what luck! Thanks so much for all your input....I went ahead and ordered the Mercer satchel in Chocolate! The sad part(but happy) is that my dh suddenly decided to take me and the boy to L.A. and I won't have my bag with me****MAJOR SIGH***. I'll have to carry my tiny Coach Sig.Stripe Demi with me. Anyway, I will post pictures when I get it! Thanks again :smile: I'm officially starting my ban as of now!