Which Hayden Harnett Bag?

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  1. I can't decide between the Mercer Clutch or the Lorca Demi? I'm not sure how to post pics off the website...sorry! I'm looking for a bag big enough for my Coach legacy french wallet, sunglasses, keys, small cosmetic bag and snacks for my todder. I really love the looks of the Mercer clutch but I'm afraid it may be too small. Anyone have any experience with these bags? Thanks!
  2. You should probably post this in the Handbags section for better viewing...

    I just got a Lorca satchel and I think it's the perfect size for the items you listed above. I'm not sure about the Mercer clutch, but it seems much smaller than the Lorca so I don't think it'll fit all your items comfortably...
  3. Thanks....for some reason I didn't know there was a handbags section..lol. I thought there was just specific handbag sections. Thanks for the heads up! I think I'm ging to go w/the Lorca. I really love that little clutch though...so cute!