Which Hayden Harnett bag

  1. So tough! I'm into the clutch right now but I haven't seen the Lorca on anyone's shoulder. I love the photo's of the clutch that have been posted.
  2. I know what you mean..The clutch looks gorgeous. But the Lorca seems like a bag I can bring to work or something. I'm struggling between those two bags. :love:
  3. Now you made me want the Lorca!! I just got my clutch on Thursday and I'm in love, but the Lorca is looking good now too.. Its a tough decision, I like the clutch because of how versatile and unique it is. What color were you thinking of getting it in? I have the coral clutch.
  4. I love the clutch!!! After seeing Bailxexb pix, I had to order one for myself. I can't wait til it gets here. But, the Lorca seems like it would be a good size for an everyday bag.
  5. i have the lorca demi in black and will be returning it tomorrow...love the bag just not on me, y'know? and although $200+ is relatively inexpensive based on the bags bought around here and even some of the bags i own, if i'm going to pay more than $19.99 on a bag, I want it to WOW me :P anyway, i just pm'ed bailey and told her i'll try to take pics and post em tomorrow before i send her back. MMMinTx also has pics of it and sent me the link to her lorca demi in mulberry. looks fab on her! i really think colors make this bag stand out. anyway, i'm going to pm her and ask permission to post her pics also.
  6. Someone here bought the Lorca flap and it broke within the first hour of it arriving (or something like that), then they had a hard time returning it/receiving a refund, etc... I think it was misslola. Misslola, you there?

    The mercer clutch is just smokin! I would probably go for that. Especially in some of the newer colors, it looks amazing.

    Other than that, I really do like their Tokyo clutch too, especially in black.
  7. Hmm- leaning towards the clutch now. I really like the yellow color, but the coral is gorgeous as well. i don't REALLy need two bags, do I? ;)
  8. lol...i def don't need two...but i have two -- one in luggage, one in vintage black! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the clutch and am over the moon about them both!
  9. gingerB,
    I ordered the clutch because of your pix in another post. It looks so great on you, both the luggage and the black. Thanks so much for posting pix, it definately helps us gals decide what to order when we can see it on someone else. I can't wait to get mine.
  10. clu0984,
    Good luck deciding, I'm trying to decide what color to oder in the Lorca. Let us know what you decide and please post pix when you get your new bag. Happy shopping!!!!
  11. The clutch is kinda like getting 2 bags. You can wear it 2 ways. I think you made the right choice.
  12. You guys are killing me. I think I will end up getting the clutch in yellow. I also want a GD bag now!! Ugh- this board is bad for my wallet!
  13. I was deciding between these 2...in the end I ordered the clutch in luggage from luna boston =)
  14. awwwww! thanks! always happy to inspire fellow shopaholics!

    yay! i love the luggage clutch! the leather is just incredible! luna boston has great service too. and a fafb discount right now! =)