which hayden harnett bag should i get? :)

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  1. The Triple Strap Satchel in vanchetta:
    or the Lorca is soft gold:

    I could go for either size...I really wanted just to try a HH bag. Anyone know what the leather is like? I just totally need opinions here since I've not seen one irl. :smile: I do want something lighter (I really wanted a tan originally) and something about the triple strap keeps drawing me to it. But I am only 5'2 and am wondering about the size of it when worn...
  2. The leather on HH bags is wonderful. The Lorca, IMO, is more of an evening-type bag. The Triple Strap is a great workday bag. I really like that Vachetta color!

    Edited to add: I'm 5'2" as well, and the size on the TS is fine.
  3. I personally like the triple strap satchel
  4. I love the lorca!
  5. great choices! i'm torn b/c they have such different functions. i don't think the lorca necessarily has to be evening b/c HH does their gold in a daytime-friendly hue (ie not las vegas gold!) that would be especially cute this summer... the lorca can fit quite a bit inside but i still think of it as 'weekend' bag. from monday-friday i'd be more apt to carry something larger like the triple strap satchel. but if size/function truly doesn't matter at all to you i think i'd go with the lorca...
  6. I vote for the triple strap satchel. It's more stylish and less trendy and it will definitely hold more.
  7. I like the Lorca, the satchel is nice but the straps seem a tad small. Also, the satchel looks huge.
  8. Thank you all so much for the great advice! :yes:
    I actually have a few larger type bags so I would be okay with the Lorca as something different. I also don't work (thanks dh!:P) and so I'm looking for something fun and functional for everyday and not necessarily a work bag. I do have a toddler though and don't like really teeny bags. Augh. I wish the website had pics of the triple strap being worn...I also wish they had the vanchetta color in the Lorca, lol...
  9. some ideas... 1. how about the Lorca in saddle? it's a bit darker than vachetta though. 2. order both and decide in person! HH has a good return policy (though you'd have to pay return shipping/insurance)
  10. Triple Strap Triple Strap!
  11. Yeah, Triple strap all the way.

  12. A stay at home mom! My kind of gal. I wish I can...but I have a hobby to satisfy...;)
  13. LOL! I have the same hobby unfortunately! :P Its usually in the form of Dior, but lately I've been loving Not Rational and now HH. :smile: