Which has better shopping? St. Louis, MO vs. Kansas City, MO

  1. Hey girls!

    I'm looking for some new clothes and I just got some money for my birthday, so I wanted to go shopping. But, I'm not sure where I should go (my 2 choices are st. louis, MO or kansas city, MO). As of right now I'm leaning towards kansas city because I liked how they had one main street with a bunch of great little boutiques on it. The problem with st. louis is the only places I know of are Saks and Neimans...and i dont really want to go to big department stores.

    what do you guys think? I wouldnt mind going to st. louis if you guys knew of some nice boutiques?

  2. I've never shopped St Louis, only traveled through there. However, I have shopped KC and I always have to stay overnight to get all the shops in. Be sure to hit the plaza and Zona Rosa, legends 14 is pretty cool too (i think this one might be on the kansas state side).
  3. KC MO forsure, there is the Johnson County Mall, The Plaza and The Shops on Ward Parkway.
  4. I live in Kansas City and all the stores I want to shop at are in St. Louis. I love designer denim and no one really sells this at a discount price here (what can I say, I'm a bargain shopper). Sure there are great shops in the Plaza and Oak Park mall, but the Off 5th, Neiman Recall, etc are not here. :sad:
  5. I love Zona Rosa! They've got a really great MegaMarshall's. My mom was here a few weeks ago (she's from TX) and she was really impressed. We found this really great skirt for only $20 and lo and behold...a matching top was found in the Plaza's Harold for $88. It wasn't even that nicely made and we were soo surprised that the brand name made that much of a difference since they were exactly the same material.

    Legends is great too. I agree - i think it's by the Kansas side. They've got nice outlets like Banana Republic, BCBG, Tommy etc. etc. The sales are hit or miss though. One time I scored a ton of shirts for only $2 at Banana, but another time there was jack squat. It really just depends. They've got a great selection though.