Which has been the one style, You use the Most?

  1. I got my black signature large carry-all last year for Christmas. It's still my fav...still pull this bag out to use all the time. It works well in the day & evening too.

  2. The bag I use the most..hmmm...has got to be my flaps. They are small but I love the braiding. I just fit my necessities like checkbook, wallet, & mini skinny that's all that mostly fits in them.
    2006_0612Image0005.jpg 2006_0731Image0002.jpg
  3. I would have to say the Coach signature wristlets. The size is perfect and i lover carrying them.
  4. i use my coach transatlantic messenger all the time for school...i've been wanting to get a tote or something different, but the messenger is perfect. it's just the right size, the strap is thick and durable, and all the pockets and sections make it easy to put stuff in and find it once it's there.
  5. My vintage carryall, I loveee it. I have a feeling my new Ali hobo will be used a lot too.
  6. I do a great job mixing up my purses...so I guess it would have to be my work bags....
    Photo 36.jpg Photo 73.jpg
  7. Definitley my Hamptons hobos, they are the perfect size for school, work, going to the city, I just love them!! I also have the Scribble one, but I need to clean it (I bought it off of someone on Livejournal and the hardware is all chipped, would Coach fix it?).
  8. I only have 2 Coach purses in my (hopefully growing) collection. I alternate between my indigo patchwork pouch and my signature khaki market shoulder tote.
  9. Hobos I guess. I'm using my LV Speedy everyday right now for the past 5 months or so.
  10. I have a 2000 Hobo style (I think...) that I use a lot. It's the one Katie Holmes is carrying in the 1st post of the Celebrities and their Coach purse thread except mine is black.
  11. I used my patchwork tote all summer and now the Hamptons weekend tote, but I am switching to my leather hobo for awhile because the totes get a bit too heavy at times.
  12. The gallery and shoulder totes!
  13. My two favorite styles are the small hobos and the demi pouches.
  14. I haven't been wearing any of my coach bags lately - but if I had to pick the one that I've used the most in my coach collection it would be my black leather hobo.