which has a shorter life span? pinks or metallics?

  1. what do you think?
  2. It all depends. If it's cheesy leather on the metallic, I say metallic. If the metallic is more high-end like Kooba, etc., then I say pinks because the metallics hide the dirt better.
  3. I don't think either has a so-called "shorter life span" but rather I think it depends on how you wear the bag. Some outfits go perfectly with metallics, while others go better with pinks...
  4. if you are 'girly' then pinks may have longer lifetime with you. But I think metallics have longer lifetime in general compared to pinks as your love for pinks may change with time and age=)
  5. metallics
  6. i think it depends on the person..but for me, metallics
  7. I would say the pinks, but again I think it is a personal choice really.
  8. IMO metallics. They are good for every season, whereas pink is more limited, I think.
  9. Metallic bags have a shorter life span to me.
  10. Metallics have a longer life span. Metallics match with everything, while pink is limited. I love pink, but I might not love it in a few years. I consider metallics to be neutrals. They will always fit into any wardrobe.
  11. What do you mean by life span? The expandage of use? Or the life of the handbag? When it comes to expandage of use, I think the metallics are perfect for every season.. Whether it's summer or winter. Whereas for the pink, can be use for summer only (for my opinion.) about the life of the handbag.. Not much experience.. I still don't have pink and metallics EVER.. So I'm going to put some notes here once I get my first pink and first metallic! Hehe!
  12. Pink because I feel it's too girly and young.
  13. Metallics.
  14. GASP!! Both will be with me forever!!
  15. Metallics