which hardware on stams?

  1. hello ladies!
    which hardware do you prefer on the stam? '05 brass or '06 shiny gold?
    does anyone know what kind of hardware the new fall stams will have?
  2. I have the shiny gold hardware from '06. I am not a huge gold fan, but it works on this bag so well. As for the fall Stams, I am pretty sure they all have the shiny hardware.
  3. shiny. and fall will be shiny also.
  4. I like the shiny best and I have a feeling it will remain on the upcoming bags. Even though the old hardware looks more vintage, I think it's uggy.
  5. I prefer the shiny.
  6. I like both, but I prefer the more matte Fall 05 hardware (both of my stams are Fall 05). Personal preference. If you wanted to give me a gorgeous stam with the new hardware, I would definitely take it, though!
  7. I am not a shiny hardware fan and was so sorry I didn't get an earlier Stam because of the matte hardware, but I've also come to believe (as pointed out above) that the shiny actually looks better on this particular bag.
  8. I like the shiny.
  9. i agree, something about shiny bits on the stam works so well :amuse:
  10. I had a putty stam in gold hardware and it was the best color, IMO. I miss it now :cry:.
  11. I also like the shiny hardware. Any idea if they are continuing the canvas lining?