Which hardware goes better with blue sapphire?

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  1. I am so torn over deciding which hardware to pick for a blue sapphire Birkin, gold or palladium?
    I figured you must have better ideas than I do, so please vote :-P
  2. Definitely Gold. I just got a KD bracelet in Blue Sapphire in gold hardware. God goes well with darker colors.
  3. I was offered a Blue Saphir Bolide in Celemence with PHW and it was gorgeous. It's definitely a personal choice but I think Blue Saphir looks more modern with PHW.
  4. My vote is for GHW. Good luck deciding
  5. Thanks! I do agree with both of you! I'd be happy if I were offered with either. But when it comes to have me choose the hw on an order, I become so indecisive...
    Some colors like gold, etain are generally believed to go Better with one hw than another, just wonder if you see a trend for BS???
  6. Gold! But honestly I think either would be lovely.
  7. Another vote for blue saphir with GHW
  8. I think either will look just stunning. GHW seems elegant and classy and PHW fresh and modern. Do you wear mostly gold or silver toned jewelry or mixed? I thought I wanted my K to have GHW but then ended up getting one with PHW and was so glad I did because I rarely wear any gold jewelry at all.
  9. Gold
  10. another vote for GHW, it makes it look so regal and rich
  11. I vote for gold hatdware too!
  12. Gold... Is it going to be a SO? I believe it is periogirl who has a BS SO b with brushed phw and it is GORGEOUS too.
  13. Ghw with bs is divine
  14. Ghw!!
  15. GHW seems to really bring out the rich color of BS, in my opinion! So I vote for GHW!