which hardware goes best with violet?

  1. hiya all. can you help me? i am deciding on a violet. it'll probably be a brief or PT.
  2. oh then I'd vote for a PT SGH! the SGH with violet is a stunning combo! I cant wait for my work to come! and the PT is also my fav style!
  3. I just ordered the violet brief with SGH, so thats obviously my fav. I will post pics when she arrives and you can see how it looks.
  4. Personally, SGH! As for Brief vs. PT, I guess it depends on which shape will suit you best. I would pick PT SGH b/c I like the PT shape, though I am sure the Brief will be stunning!!! Good luck
  5. My brief w/ sgh (violet) came this afternoon! Yeah! The bad news is that my camera is broke!!!!!!!!!!!! The color of violet is amazing, really deep and saturated. I love it. The brief shape w/ this color/hardware combo is really chic and sophisticated for Fall! I love it.
  6. thanks for your thoughts so far! i love the PT too. in fact my first b-bag is the acquamarine PT. the only snag is that the GH PT is a lot more expensive compared to the GH brief.

    yes, show us the SGH brief please!

    so far i have a PT, box, and first.
  7. Here's another vote for SGH. I'm getting a Violet Day with SGH. From all the pictures I've seen of everyone's fab purchases so far, the silver really makes the bag pop.
  8. wow, so many votes for the SGH!!!
  9. And now even one more vote for SGH. So pretty:girlsigh:
  10. my vote goes for sgh!! :p

    amber- can't wait to see sgh day!! i saw sgh in black and it was amazing. the violet day with sgh will surely turn heads!!
  11. Ita, Sgh!!!
  12. I'd vote for GSH with a PT or Brief
  13. i'm getting a city with RH but i think in the two styles you mentioned, i much prefer the GSH! :smile: i have a brief and love it but think the part time would be great in this color..

    long story show, GSH part time! :smile: good luck and post pix!
  14. Giant Silver - save one for me!!!
  15. ditto - GSH is my fave with violet ! Both will look great on the PT or brief style