Which handbag?

  1. MJ Venetia or Mulberry Bayswater. Which handbag should I get in black and why?
  2. I like the MJ - I just prefer the look of it over the Mulberry.
  3. MJ Venetia.
  4. Marc Jacobs! Always!:jammin:
  5. I love both brands, but i think the Bayswater, its different. Im not a fan of the venetia at all, but theres something exciting about the Bayswater vs. the Venetia to me. The leather is substantial, and any scratch or scuff or water marks would ruin the MJ but make the Mulberry look better. Plus its suppose to have a great patina.
  6. Can you post photos for those of us that need visuals?
  7. I like the Bayswater better, it's very classic and understated. :biggrin:
  8. Quilted Venetia in Bordeaux
    (source: ebay/leshent)
  9. I've got to weigh in on behalf of my favoutite brand - Mulberry Bayswater! the leather is just fantastic.
  10. For materials and construction I prefer the MJ Venetia. However, one caveat, it's difficult to get in and out of the Venetia easily because of that buckle that goes over the top. It's not attached to a snap or anything - you actually have to unbuckle and rebuckle the bag. I find this annoying but that might just be me!
  11. I like them both but even though I :heart: :heart: Venetia in almost every other colour, I find it a bit..boring in black.
    So if you want a black bag, I'd choose the Bayswater, otherwise I prefer the Venetia