Which handbag to keep?

  1. I purchased both of these handbags at the Outlet over the weekend. I'm planning on keeping one for myself and can't decide which one to keep. The Holiday patchwork shoulder tote or the Holiday patchwork Gallery Tote. The Shoulder Tote seems large to me- I'm 5'4", but it is so beautiful and is very comfortable on my shoulder, but very Big.

    The Gallery Tote is Beautiful also, looks better for my size but is not as comfortable to wear. Which one would you pick??? Do you have either of these? Help me decide !!

    Gallery Tote (photo's borrowed from eBay)


    Shoulder Tote

  2. I prefer the shoulder tote, I just think it looks less busy, love the patchwork, it's cute.. the other one to me just has too much going on... let us know what you decide!!! :yes:
  3. Shoulder tote!!
  4. Gallery tote!
  5. I wanted the gallery tote so bad when it came out. I love that bag and would totally keep that one. :smile:
  6. Shoulder Tote!!!!!!!
  7. shoulder tote!! two words: straps digging in ur shoulder (from the gallery)
  8. Gallery! For some reason, I like the patchwork in the Gallery Tote style better than the shoulder bag. So pretty!
  9. gallery tote for sure, it just looks nicer
  10. I like the look of the Gallery tote more. I say Gallery!
  11. You won't be happy if you are uncomfortable...I vote for the shoulder tote! Or, if you don't love either of them that much, return them both for something you do love.
  12. Iwould go with whats most comfortable. If the bag isn't cumfy on your shoulder you won't wear it.
  13. I vote for the gallery tote :smile:
  14. shoulder tote

    its more comfortable IMO, one strap always stays better on shoulder then two

    also, shoulder tote is discontinued. you won't find that shape anymore but gallery totes are constantly updated and will still have that boxy shape
  15. I have a "thing" for shoulder totes, so that's what I would keep! If it's more comfortable for you to wear, it's definitely a winner!