Which handbag to carry....when dressed up or down?

  1. Hello:

    I tend to wear mostly jeans and t-shirts during the week because of school and work. I dress up occasionally, but for the most part am usually dressed down.

    I wore sweatpants the other day and carried my Mono Speedy while running an errand. My sister, who is not a die-hard handbag fanatic like me, said something to the effect of..."I didn't know you could carry such an expensive handbag when you are not even dressed up."

    It was just my speedy, I mean, I use that as my "running around bag."
    I understood what she was saying...of course I wouldn't carry my Alma or Chanel bag wearing sweatpants.

    But I also use my Damier and Mono speedys when I go out.

    Question: Does it matter which bag to carry when you are dressed up or down?
  2. It does, like a sweatpants and chanel combo would look ridiculous, but a jeans and chanel combo doesn't. Is it just the sweatpants? I think so.. to me all bags look odd when carried along sweatpants (except sportbags)
  3. I think a Speedy looks great with anything you wear! That's why it's such a great bag - it can be dressy or casual!

    There are some bags that I consider dressy that I would not wear with sweats, just as some bags are more casual and I would not wear with a nice dress or suit.
  4. I think one of the cool thing about exclusive bags is that they create your outfit. A stylish handbag signals that you have great sense of style - almost no matter what you wear...
  5. I agree. Speedy would go with anything!
  6. i LOVE my balenciaga bags because it looks great dressed occasionally with jeand and tee, but look great too for dressing a bit more for nights!
  7. Yeah - I think it matters, but you were fine w/ a speedy and speatpants. That's totally okay.
  8. I agree I think it matters, certain bags I think need to be dressed up a little. JMO
  9. Just my $0.02, but I tend to think that if a person doesn't look put-together in some way, the handbag is going to look kind of ridiculous and out of place. Although, I think this depends more on where you live. And maybe what your idea of sweatpants are. I live in San Francisco, a place not exactly renowned for its citizen's fashion sense, and I see tons of poorly-dressed, Old Navy windbreaker and sweatpant-clad girls lugging around their very fake-looking LVs ALL THE TIME...if there happened to be a girl in that group with a real LV, I really wouldn't know the difference from afar (this coming from a discerning bag fiend) and would just write her off as one of the rest. And I'm sure I'm not the only one! This is funny, but it's one reason why I wouldn't even bother buying an LV in this city, the sight of all the fakes has really put me off! :|
  10. actually, i use my speedy the same way you do!
    in sweats, jeans, dressed up just a little....
    it always works!
    i only dress up for a few of my abgs. and more correct, i only use a few certain bags when i am dressed up!

    great point though! maybe your friend needs a speedy of her own so shw can feel how goo dit make you feel in sweats alone!
  11. A speedy works...a b-bag would work w/ sweats also.
  12. i think a speedy is a good everyday casual bag. but there are materials of bags that i wouldn't use at certain times. like w/sweats, i think it would look crazy to carry a leather purse or something shiny.
  13. You know, when I only saw the title line and did not yet read your post, I thought you were asking which bag would be ok dressed both up and down, and the first bag I thought of was the MONO SPEEDY!
    I personally don't own one (don't think the mono looks good on me), but have friends with it and I think it does go with just about everything.
    But of course, I think some Chanels look ok with very casual clothes, too.
  14. i think speedy mono/damier is ok w/ sweatpants. as long as u know how to carry it w the outfit, it doesnt really matter what ur sister thinks (my sis & i have different tastes too) when dressing up, of course u need to use a different bag. altho for some occasions, u can still use the speedy. that's what i love about it & i dont care if a lot of people carry it too.
  15. I would never get caught in public wearing sweats unless I am doing excersize. I like to ride horses and if I have an erran to do after I ride, I know I still look good because I am wearing the equestrian classic look. The speedy bag would look good with the equestrian classic look and I think the kelly bag would also look good.