Which handbag style screams Coach?

  1. I'm new to coach and there's so much of coach goods out in the market that's I'm having a hard time choosing what I want!

    But I'm wondering, when you all think of coach, what style of bag do you consider as a coach classic, that is instantly recognized as a coach bag? For example, LV's bag is most likely the speedy, Hermes is the Birkin, etc.

    I want to buy one bag from Coach that is considered a classic through time.

    What do you think when you think of Coach?
  2. Oh wow......to me it's the Signature Legacy. It's probably going to be a different purse to different people. The Legacy is always the one that turns my head though.
  3. The one I see the most of is the Soho flap bag. I see them everywhere. It isn't my personal preference, but that's a pretty standard one.
  4. depends on the size you want.

    you can go for a demi, hobo, soho flap.

    personally i would choose a signature print if you want a different style.
  5. If you go to the Coach website and look at the classic favorites you will see several of the "screaming" Coach bags...I think one is called the "Willis." Of the newer styles, the Soho and Hamptons lines are pretty classic.
  6. The Willis comes to mind as well.

    To me, the Legacy collection will be a classic one to me. I am so fond of it and have many items from that line.
  7. One of the classics from the coach website or a legacy bag.
  8. For a classic bag it can be one of the Classics or any bag from the Legacy 65th Anniversary Collection (Legacy Shoulder bag, Mandy Courier, Legacy Satchel).
    The bag should be in leather not signature. When I think of Coach I think of Buttery Soft Leather. The Ergo's in leather to me speak of classic Coach as well - but only the styles with the Turnlock.
  9. [​IMG]

    This will always be Coach to me....anything Sig of course reminds you of Coach, I am going stictly by style.
  10. I totally agree! One of my first jobs out of college, I had a boss who had this purse. I thought it was so elegent. It prompted me to aske for and receive this for Christmas that year.


    I still have this bag in my closet to remind me of my first designer bag.
  11. Coach style - buckles, turnlocks, and harware.

  12. This was actually my first coach bag. I wanted one so badly so when I started my first "professional" job my husband bought it for me at Dillards. That was way before we had Coach stores by us.

    This is a classic shape that I still see people with and I always think Coach. Or I would go with a leather hobo. It can always be dressed up or down.
  13. I agree with what most people said here. Any of the classic leather pieces, Soho flap, legacy bags, hobo style....these are all bags that just say Coach to me.
  14. I agree--the willis & legacy hobo. In fact, I have both these bags. I got away from buying coach when they came out with the logo stuff (just my personal tastes) & I'm only recently returning. I like the new ergo bags & carlys. I'm a leather gal. I still love the willis, it may look dated to some of the younger gals on here, but I think it will never go out of style.