Which handbag should I get?

  1. Today I spotted two handbags I loved for very good prices at an Off 5th Avenue outlet and the Last Call NM Outlet. The Off 5th had the Marc Jacobs Susannah in black for around $295. The NM Last Call had the Luella Giselle in lavender or green for $313.

    Please help me decide which one to get. I'm definitely going back tomorrow to pick one. I've fallen in love with MJ bags recently but the Luella seemed like such a good deal.

    To give you an idea of what they look like....

    Here's a thread with a picture of the Susannah (starting around #8):


    Here's an eBay listing for the Luella:

    eBay: Absolutely Authentic Luella Bartley Large Green Giselle (item 330015611377 end time Aug-16-06 10:09:42 PDT)
  2. I have the MJ Susannah in black - but I paid more for it than that - even with 20% off last year!!! Do they have more than one - maybe I'll return mine arghhhhhhh :smile:
  3. Yes, they had 3 today. They're at the Off 5th in San Marcos, Texas. I can't remember the exact price but was around $295.

    So do you like your Susannah? Do you recommend it? TIA!:yes:
  4. I think the Susannah is a better choice ... it just looks more classic & elegant. The Luella bag looks so "trendy" to me.
  5. Personally, I prefer the clean/classic line & soft leather of Marc Jacobs over Luella/Mulberry.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts/recommendations!:smile:

    Another poster on the MJ forum actually pointed out my dumb-dumb mistake in the OP where I referred you to a thread that shows the Susannah. It actually shows a multi-pocket. The Susannah is only referred to. But the two bags are very similar. The Susannah just doesn't have the two front pockets. Sorry for the confusion! I'm such a dork sometimes!:lol: :shame:
  7. i prefer the MJ!
  8. I like the MJ, too.
  9. MJ Susannah--what a great deal!!!:yes:
  10. Go with MJ.
  11. I like the MJ! Gotta check my Off 5th this weekend!
  12. I bought a Luella aviator last year and have only used it once. It's difficult to get in and out of :rant: , so I would go with the MJ.
  13. definitely the susannah. i have that bag in a butter color and i love it to death!