Which handbag should I carry for my travels?

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  1. Hi there!

    I'm going to Japan for 10 days this Saturday and I will be taking the train very frequently. When I travel I like to use a zippered or flap bag for safety reasons. I checked the weather and there might be rain when I'm there so I'm packing an umbrella. I can't decide which handbag of mine to carry, I rather have a cross body or backpack so that I can be hands-free.

    Here are a list of things I need in my bag:
    1. Passport
    2. Wallet (its a short one but quite thick)
    3. Foldable umbrella
    4. Sony NEX C3 camera
    5. Book
    6. Phone
    7. Lipgloss
    8. Eyedrops
    9. Pen
    10. Notebook

    I tried fitting everything into my medium PS1 but it is a tight fit. The other bags I have are a Mansur Gavriel Mini Backpack (which is smaller), a Celine Mini Luggage, a Balenciaga First, a Goyard St Louis, a Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du Jour and a Chanel Small Classic Flap. Looking at my options, it seems the Chanel, Saint Laurent, MG, Balenciaga and Goyard are out.

    So it's either the Celine Mini Luggage or the PS1. Should I use the Celine (even though it is not hands-free) or use the PS1 even though it is a tight fit?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hands free would be better for travels. I still think the goyard might be s good option especially if you pack expensive stuff at the bottom and cover with scarf