Which Handbag Should I Buy?

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  1. Hello, I'm new here and not 100% sure I'm allowed to post this, or whether it's even in the right forum section. If it's wrong I do apologise!

    I'm trying to decide on my next big handbag purchase. It's a decision between the stunning Louis Vuitton Owl Twist, or a black Lady Dior in the largest size. I do love the Twist bag a little bit more, however, those sequins are quite a worry, especially when I use my bags for every day use.

    What would everyone else go for, or suggest I go with? Would also like opinions on what people think of this Owl Twist, as I've not seen it in anyone else's collection and I'm thinking it might be because of the sequins, which are quite a worry!

    Many thanks in advance :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Dior! Hands down!

    I call it collecting!
  3. Welcome to the forum! You are def in the right place for this question.
    I would go for the Dior, or, since you seem to be worried over the sequins on the LV, why not consider getting a regular Twist for your everyday bag? =)
  4. The Dior, it's a classic and will never date.
  5. Dior!
  6. I would get the go-14 mm in black. It looks like the twist but has the softness and suppleness of the lambskin quilting like the Dior one you posted.
  7. The twist you posted is much more of an evening/special occasion bag. I've seen one in the store on display.
  8. These are very different bags. The Dior is classic and timeless. The LV Twist is beautiful, but I think it's more evening and more trendy. I wouldn't like the owl eventually, but that is me. Also, the sequins aren't worry free as you mentioned.

    I would get the Dior. Good luck!
  9. The Dior please! I would be fed up with the owl thing to quickly and I don't like it much to start while this Dior is a stunning classic.
  10. Since you mentioned liking the twist a little more, why not get one without sequins?
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  11. I would go for the Twist. They have other designs and finishes, if you are concerned about the sequins on the owl design.
  12. Thank you all for the input!

    I think I will go with the Dior, as it seems a popular choice :smile: and the Twist with all those sequins is just too fragile for every day use. I'm hoping to one day track down a Twist in grenade, I missed out last year when it came out, so will try and track one down on eBay, after I have purchased the Dior.
  13. Dior if it's for everyday use. Twist for special occasions. BUT I say for you to follow your heart and buy what YOU like the best!
  14. I like the Twist for its edginess and contemporary design! On the other hand, the Dior's a more elegant, classic bag.
  15. Dior all the way!