which handbag should I bring with me for my HK trip??

  1. I am going to HK in about 10 days time!! I am deciding which bag should I bring with me.

    Currently I have:
    YSL muse
    chanel 2.55 reissue
    LV josephine
    LV Le Fab
    Fendi Spy
    Chloe Edith
    BJ birkin

    and I have a white birkin waiting for me to pick up at hk. So I am planning I would bring my 2.55 as an evening bag ( since I have to go to my friend's wedding).. but what other bag should i pack?

    Muse would be a nice shoulder bag since I will be shopping around for the whole day long! but the size seems a bit too big for everyday.. Chloe is another good choice but i am not so comfortable since I cant put it on my shoulder.. or should I bring my le fab with me? or Fendi Spy???
  2. I'll bring the Muse (if yours is a large) or the spy. The Muse would be the perfect size for shopping.
  3. bring the newest bag! Everyone has the newest bag in HK!
  4. Bring something you don't mind carrying in super hot and humid weather. Just imagine.. the stickiness and sweat.... ;) but you can get away with it since all the indoor areas are air conditioned at igloo temperatures.

  5. I second this - i live here and it is very difficult to bring out nice bags - especially now is rainy season and it is extraordinarily humid (over 80%) every day ... so do not plan on using any of of your super nice leathers - they will warp ... my Chanel Ligne Cambon did just that ... it gets wet from all the stickiness .. then you go indoors and it 'freezes' into whatever position it was in ...
  6. Bring a shoulder bag not a handheld bag. I find it very difficult sometimes to carry my Speedy on trips because I have to hold it all the time.
  7. If you're planning on doing a lot of shopping in HK (which is quite normal! :yes: ) you should consider taking a messenger style bag (that is, if you have one) so as to keep both your hands free! Trust me, you'll need them!

    If you don't have a messenger one, then I would suggest two ways of thinking this out:

    a) HK is definitely one of these places where you see an abundance of the latest designer items being carried around. If it's important to you to walk around in this environment carrying an item to attract the eyes, go for the YSL Muse. I would also suggest the Birkin, but since you're picking up one in HK anyway, you might as well carry the new one if you want, you needn't bring the old one as well.

    b) If you feel really strongly about your bags' being maintained in a good condition, because of the humidity, you should consider bringing a non-leather handbag, which will suffer the least. In that case, your LV Josephine will do the trick!

    Have a good time and happy shopping!
  8. As I live in hk, I would say "chloe edith"! Trust me!
  9. ^^Why would that be your pick? Is it a hard bag (status?) to find there? Street cred? Genuinely interested to know! :flowers:
  10. I live in HK too. The Edith is not exactly hard to find anymore because of places like Milan Station that has a ton of them in stock. I actually seen quite a lot of people toting that bag (my mom included) so maybe that's why. They even have the new Edith-looking bag from Chloe in Milan Station for sale right now.
    In my opinion, I don't think you should bring the Edith because I think it's pretty heavy, unless you are skinny enough to be able to put the handles on your shoulders. It gets pretty tiring to hold the bag in your hand if you are shopping for 3+ hours.
    Any bag on the OP's list is fine as long as she can put it on her shoulder. Once you start shopping in HK, you don't want to stop...especially with all the sales going on now. :graucho:
  11. i've been to hk 3 times this year for shopping shopping shopping and i suggest you bring the bag that is easiest to carry for you and that you can carry to just about anywhere without worrying about scuffs. :smile: