Which handbag...Galliera or Stresa?

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  1. Another vote for the Galliera!
  2. Between the two, I'd say Stresa.
  3. Galliera!!!!!!!!!
  4. awww thanks for everyone's opinions. I have seen the Galliera GM IRL and I'm soooo in love with it!!! I've recently eyeball the Stresa big time! But never seen it IRL, but am planning to check it out at the boutique sometime soon. It would be ideal to check out the Stresa. I didn't even think about it. LOL!

    I didn't realize that the flap would get in the way, and also I saw that someone noted that they were afraid of the flap getting dirty. I'm for sure afraid of that, but once it gets darker...man oh man that would look gorgeous. hehehe.
  5. Galliera!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I vote for Galliera....I had the same conflict..which one. And because I think the Stressa would have been the perfect bag for me just as long as it didn't have the vachetta strap coming over. I knew that would drive me nuts. I wish they would come out with a newer improved version of the Stressa WITHOUT the strap
  7. Galliera gets my vote! it is a gorgeous purse.
  8. Stresa!
  9. Galliera without a doubt! I bet when you go to the store and try them both on you'll know for sure. Good luck with your decision!
  10. ^yeah i'm thinking of going to the store sometimes soon...hopefully :smile: