Which handbag...Galliera or Stresa?

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  1. I say Stresa! I have the GM and I love it. I leave the zip open so I don't need to unhook the clasp! I must admit that Galliera azur is on my wishlist for summer!
  2. Stresa
  3. Galliera
  4. galliera!

    I am afraid that the flap will dirty easily.
  5. Stresa azur
  6. Hi sweetie, between these 2 bags I'd say Galliera! And Mono is HOT!! :tup:
  7. i like the stresa more
  8. Stresa, for me... Just has a little more personality, in my opinion. Good luck deciding!
  9. galleria :smile: shes way more of a l00ker
  10. Galleria, she's so classy!
  11. you should go to LV store and try them both on and see what u feel more in love with. I too was torn between the two bags but when i tried them both on i didn't feel the connection i have with stressa instead i love the galliera! you should follow your feelings.
  12. Galliera!
  13. Galliera!!
  14. galliera!!!!!!!
  15. definitely galliera!
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