Which handbag...Galliera or Stresa?

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  1. Hiii ladies and gents! Please help me on which handbag I should get next. I feel like my brain is frying and I'm about to go crazy :wacko: I don't know which handbag I want...well I want both...but can't :sad:

    One minute I'm lusting for a Mono Galliera GM but at the same time I want the Mono Stresa GM. I just can't make up my mind:Push:

    I want both but can't decide which one! Arggg! LOL! So now it's time to turn over to my LV experts to chime in and help me out on which handbag I should get :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. galliera FOR SURE!!!!
  3. I would go with the galliera. I have heard some people comment that they don't like the flap on the stresa.
  4. Galliera
  5. have both, going to have to say Galliera for sure, flap will bug you if it is your everyday bag on the stresa!
  6. between the two, galleria
  7. Get Galliera first & Stresa next time... I agree... I don't like the flap either. The extra step of flipping the flap to get into the bag would get annoying eventually.
  8. Galliera
  9. Galliera!
  10. Galliera
  11. Galliera! I tried on the Stresa yesterday, but it just didn't appeal to me as much as my Galliera does! Plus I think the Stresa is prettier in the Azur
  12. #12 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    I prefer the Galliera over the Stressa.

    I am not in favour of getting the Stressa. The vachetta flap gets dirty easily because it is a 'vachetta barrier' you always have to unclip to gain access into the bag--to then zip and reclip every time to close. That's why I call it the Stress-a bag.

    There are also a few LV bags (in mono and damier) that have this same clip design. :blah:
  13. I prefer Stresa in Azur so I would go with Mono Galliera
  14. Stresa. Much more comfortable to carry, and easier to find you stuff inside.
  15. Galliera
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