Which Handbag Company Has the Best Leather?

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  1. Hi, I am looking to find a bag with extremely soft and beautiful leather. Which handbag companies would you recommend?
  2. Balenciaga!
  3. Bal for sure!
  4. Bottega veneta
  5. I agree with BV and Bal..(but that's also what I like)..I'm sure that there are other worthy companies out there too..:yes::flowers:
  6. Delvaux/Valextra/Hermès/Bottega Veneta

    But if you're not planning on spending at that level, Balenciaga has decent, smooshy leather for good prices.
  7. Balenciaga leather is certainy very soft and light. But if you don't mind a slightly heavier weight and very sumptuous and hard-wearing beautiful leather, I have been very impressed with Treesje.
  8. I would like to add Loro Piana.

    An affordable brand I like is Tano, my friend in the US has a few and they are all smooshy and soft.
  9. I second the Tano recommendation, I have one bag from that brand and it lasted me forever and is super soft!
  10. Sorry I should have mentioned I can't yet afford Bal and BV as I am still a student. Thank you for the Tano recommendations...
  11. Hi,
    I've tried several designer's and I have to say there's nothing like a Bottega from my personal experience. I love love the leather, styles and customer service. Worth every penny to me!

    Good Luck in your decision.
  12. I have a Michael Kors that is super soft. I love it.
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    Oh yes I love Michael Kors and Cole Haan too!;)
    Great suggestion.

    Btw, I just read your post about being a student so I think the above suggestions are perfect for you and/or to consider a gently used Bottega.
  14. Bottega Veneta! Look for a gently used bag for your first. You will be hooked forever!