Which handbag color should I buy first? Pink or Bronze?


Which color first?

  1. Pink!

  2. Bronze!

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  1. I like these two bags and want to get them both.. Unfortunately.. I need to get one of them first.. Which one should I get first? Pink or Bronze? Here are the list of my handbags' colors:

    1. Navy Blue
    2. Gold
    3. Silver
    4. 2 Beige
    5. White with Red and Black prints.

    Please help me! TIA!

  2. I think that would all depend on the color of pink and the color of bronze on each bag because each designer is different, so this is a hard question to answer. Myself, I would go with a muted bronze color because I never liked pink. But, that's just me.
  3. Agree that it depends on how the color looks on each bag, but also consider that you already have two metallics (silver & gold) and mostly neutrals... pink may be just the shot of color you need :smile:
  4. Depends on your wardrobe, your accessories and shoes, but pink is the cutest color, so I'd buy pink. I'll be writing about all pink Ipod accessories in my blog tomorrow or on Tuesday.

    Bronze is an awesome color too. It's a difficult choice indeed.
  5. you already have gold, silver, and beige...bronze is similar to those colors. pink would be something fun and new to your collection :smile: plus pink is my favorite color so i am a bit biased....
  6. What color clothes do you normally wear? If you wear a lot of neutral colors then I would say go for the bronze. If you want your purse to stand out, then get the pink.
  7. Which bags are you thinking about? Without knowing, I'd say bronze just because I really don't like pink. But then again, I've seen some pink/rose Bulgas that I drool over. I think the style of the bag makes a huge difference!
  8. Depending on the shade, I'd probably get pink if I were you cause you already have a gold and silver. It does depends on the bag though - do you have on in mind?
  9. My clothes are more baby colors and pink most of them...
  10. I definitely say pink!
  11. It really depends what shade of pink. Just because you wear pink doesn't mean your bag has to match. :biggrin: Just my 2 cents.
  12. if your clothes are mostly pink then i would say get the bronze bag cause u dont want to be too matchy matchy. Plus bronze will go with more things and is a colour you can use all year round:tup:
  13. Agreed. The only colors wear it's pretty okay to wear from head to toe is white or black. Pink head to toe might be overdoing it. Go with the bronze!
  14. Pink. You need to punch up your palette.
  15. Pink is my favorite color in anything!