which handbag, color hardware combo, etc. has the most die hard fans?

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  1. i'm gonna give it to the So Black quilted classic flap and anything red with gold hardware. you red and gold fans really love your red and gold!!!:graucho:
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  2. Not sure about everyone else, but I love my black and silver pieces.
  3. I wanna say that black with gold probably has the most die hard fans out there. Personally, I lean towards anything with silver or ruthenium hardware (or that so-black, which is also TDF!) just because that's what works for my style, wardrobe, skin-tone, etc. But I definitely think there are certain bag styles and colors that look better with gold hardware.
  4. my guess would be black and gold actually.. pretty timeless, isn't it?
    next would probably be black and silver..

    but yeah red and gold is pretty good too
    beige and gold...

  5. personally i love black and gold! black and silver is also good, gives off more of a "cool"/edgy look i think
  6. Im a black and silver girl but for the most classic, I would have to choose the black and gold. Nothing beats that combo. It would be the combo for the ages to come.
  7. I think the black with gold hardware is the runaway winner for most Chanel fans. I think when people think classic Chanel, they think Jumbo classic flap with GHW.

    My favorite combo is black w/SHW. But I don't want more than one. I think Chanels look so amazing in so many combos that I want each of mine to be very different from the next. 👍😊
  8. Always black and gold classic m/l for me if I have to pick one!

    I also love taupe/light grey with coffee brown color and shw for something more summery and unique. Chanel makes so many colors it is hard for a girl to pick just one.
  9. red with 24k coated gold, then black with 24k coated gold, then beige with gold
  10. Most are black and gold fans. I'm think I'm more a SHW girl based on my collection.
  11. I would think black and gold.
  12. black with ghw, i think, because it's what i most commonly see :biggrin:
  13. In my opinion
    The most iconic combination: black m/l lambskin double flap with gold HW
    The most popular combination today: black caviar jumbo double flap with gold HW
    The one that I would want if can have only one: 15C pearly charcoal m/l caviar with ruthenium HW
    If I could have second one in addition to first: 16C irrediscent goat small boy with rainbow HW
  14. I would say the the m/l or jumbo classic black with ghw has the most die hard fans :smile: