which hand-held LV should I buy to use as a work tote???

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which do you prefer?

  1. Alma

  2. Deauville

  3. Lockit Horizontal

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I vote lockit! Very classy!!!!!!!
  2. I would say Deauville. It's so roomy.
  3. i don't like the Alma, but in this case i think it would be best for work, especially in Damier, because it looks so classy
  4. Alma because it's such a classic style!
  5. totally agree! go for the deauville!:yes:
  6. definitely the lockit!!! i find the shape really classy and elegant.
  7. I had the Alma and sold it. I don't think it would work as a work tote. When you stuff the Alma, the zipper becomes distorted and ruins the shape of the bag.

    I have the Deauville - it would be fine as a work tote - you can put some file folders in it plus it has elastic holders on the inside that you can put a small water bottle in. I would recommend buying a strap for the Deauville since it has D-rings on the handles. This bag can get heavy. No vachetta on the bottom of Deauville, so you can put it down anywhere (although I would still be careful!)

    The Lockit Horizontal looks like it would be great as a work tote, but I would test it out because the handles of the purse don't look comfortable enough to place on your shoulder if toting it around town. However, if you hand carry this purse, it would be fine - just looks like it would get heavy. Does the Lockit have the Vachetta bottom? I don't remember.... does it have those metal thingys on the bottom of the purse because that would be helpful. If you get a strap for Lockit, I don't think the handles have D-rings, so it would be like putting a strap on a Speedy - which means that the strap hardware will rub against the handles of the Lockit or Speedy causing it to turn black (but you can rub it out with leather conditioner once the leather has been patinaed.

    I vote Deauville! Good luck!
  8. I vote for Alma!!!
  9. alma
  10. if i could stand using a bag strictly as handbag, then i would get the alma. but i can't stand handbags and i really need shoulder straps, so in this situation, i would end up choosing the lockit horizontal over the other two bags only because it has the option of being carried over the shoulder. the alma is structured, a classic, so pretty, and i like the way the alma looks more than the way the lockit horizontal looks. the lockit horizontal is nice too though.
  11. I love my Alma, but I have Damier! I had a monogram a few years ago and sold it on Ebay- too much maintenance with the vachetta bottom. The damier is pretty much my everyday bag b/c it's so durable- and classy, too! :smile:
  12. I voted the LH, as it would be for work, but I love the Alma if you wanted to buy a new purse, i would buy an Alma :love:
  13. Lockit horizontal

    I saw it yesterday IRL, and its a beauty andddd it fits on your shoulder which I always love as an option, but loooks great hand held, the only thing would be the botton you'd have to let it oxidize before you like it, that was my concern. It would look beautiful for work ;)
  14. :s Gawd, I wish I could just get all three bags! Everyone makes good points, and the voting has been nearly tied all along... I guess what I should take away from this poll is that I can't go wrong no matter which I choose ???
  15. I voted Alma (I love the Damier one better!!). It's a tie between Alma and LH now! LOL!