Which hand? Eternity vs Engagement rings

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  1. Need help....I am contemplating the purchase of an oval eternity band. Would you wear the eternity band on your left hand and move your engagement ring over to your right or would you make it for your right hand? My engagement ring looks like this with a 1.29ct center--I have a matching pave wedding band that I wear with it. Would love your thoughts! Thanks!
  2. Here is the eternity band

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  3. Hmmm..tough call. I say wear the e-ring on your right hand and the eternity band on your left. Beautiful pieces too :yes:
  4. Oooops, just read that you also wear your wedding ring with your e-ring.....changed my mind then, wear the e-ring/wedding ring on your left and your new eternity band on the right :yes:......Geez, thank god I am drinking my quad shot Starbucks right now...I can't even read yet obviously! Hope this helps :P
  5. ^^^agree!
  6. I am really leaning towards making it a right hand ring but was wondering if anyone would be worried about the "pain" involved in shaking hands with an eternity band on your right hand? In my line of work I am constantly shaking hands and thought it might be painful.
  7. Show us a picture of your e-ring and then we'll have a better idea of proportion.
  8. ITA!! I just got my ring back (I posted pics on here a bit ago) and it KILLS my fingers when I shake people's hands....I don't know what to do :crybaby:

    Post pics so we can see exactly what we are dealing with here :smile:
  9. I love the look of eternity bands but I don't find them comfy at all. instead, I'm going to go for an eternity "Look" but have the diamonds not go all the way around the band. I'm hoping for one for a 10 year anniversary and I'd wear it as a right hand ring.
  10. Wear the e-ring and wedding ring on your left and your eternity band on the right.
  11. I agree with most here, eternity band on the right hand.
  12. Lovely jewelry, green_eggs....I would wear the rings where they are most comfortable. Understand about shaking hands and that's why I'm careful where I wear my larger solitaire and leave it on my left hand.

    Do you have to wear them all at once? Maybe size them for the left hand and alternate wearing them to suit your mood?

    As I've grown older, I find I don't need to wear as much jewelry all at once so, it's a thought....