which haircut do you like better?

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  1. I like the first one better :yes:
  2. I like the first one too.
  3. first one is longer but the second one is stylish:smile:
  4. first one is much nicer, i think
  5. I like the first one, but they both look great!
  6. first one!
  7. Another vote for the first one!!
  8. I suppose I like the first one better because it is longer, but honestly, both could use some updating.

    If you truly want to frame your cute face shape, I would suggest adding more face-framing layers and either going for the full-on blunt-cut, thick bangs (not see through at all), or- and I think this would be better- pushing them to the side and letting them grow out a bit. They don't need to be dramatic, thick, sideswept bangs- just a bit of an update on what you have. Many more layers would really help!

    (I apologize in advance, because I know that this may have not been exactly what you're looking for. I'm guessing you're getting a new haircut soon so I'm just trying to help! Good luck!)
  9. ^ITA...layers and angles!
  10. I like the length of the first one but perhaps you could add some layers too?