Which H manbag can I get with US$3000 budget?

  1. Hi H Lovers!

    I'm a new face around here and know absolutely nothing about Hermes. The only H bags I know are the Kelly and Birkin. I could only dream of having a Birkin of my own, but at the moment I just want to taste the experience of owning an H bag without compromising my financial stability.

    I am currently on a Luxury Goods BAN (until further notice). However I do have a few bonds that are maturing sometimes next year. Using a fraction of the interest I'm going to get (let's say US$3000), which Hermes bag could I buy?

    I'd like something with a shoulder strap and handle. Normal messenger size would be fine............... I guess with only US$3000 available I couldn't specify the kind of material I'd want - lol.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Do you like evelyn? I've seen guys carrying it. Welcome to the H forum!
  3. What does it look like and how much are they?
  4. Oooooh the TIBET Messenger bag. I had my eye on this for a while but went a whole different direction and started buying smaller bags. It's gorgy... and well under 3k USD!

    Mind you, I am not advertising this seller (who is btw 1000% always authentic) merely showing you the bag I mean. Absolutely smashing and very stylish! :tup:

  5. OMG, that bag is absolutely hot! Thanks for your advice. TOo bad it has already been sold! I was already searching the "BUY" button (ready to break my bag ban), lol.

    How much would the Tibet messenger retail for in store?
  6. How about the new Kelly Danse? $2800 USD.
    OOPS!! I just saw that you said MANbag...never mind...!
  7. That's a good price! Do you have a pic of that bag?
  8. LoL I am soooooo sorry, I should've been much clearer about that, that was an old link from when *I* almost bought it too! :push: hehe

    I love the Bienventura. FABULOUS. Although for a first Hermes bag, all leather is intoxicating. Although the BV has BArenia trim... mmmm Barenia :p
  9. ^they have the same bag (buenventura) in black at that site also.
    You should not have a problem getting the Tibet at a store.
    Also you might like the 'Caravane'. You can see pics of it at www.bluefly.com, they often have some.
  10. Check out this thread, I think there are a few pics in it...

    Does anyone know the price of a Tibet? My DH has been (sort of) eyeing it for a while. Or maybe I just want to think that.
  11. I love this thread, as I have the same thoughts as the OP. I have already looked at the picotin and the evelyne but I have to have a lined bag and it has to be leather. Also when I get to the store I'm always disappointed with the bags somehow, compared to how they look in pictures, so I always endup in LV.

    But I REALLY like that besace messenger in white. DIdn't know it existed. :drool: I thought a kelly 40 or a birkin would be my last chance of appreciating Hermes bags (as the other ones I've seen never appealed to me =-/ including HAC), but maybe I'll grab one of these instead. :graucho:
  12. I have the perfect one in mind
    the victoria tote gm or pm (I dunno if those are the correct names)
    one is hand-held and the other is both hand held and over the shoulder
    they are lined^^
  13. The Tibet goes for over $5k in store. I believe the Buenaventura is in the $1300- $1500 range (and also comes in black). My personal favorite is the Evelyne TGM2, which goes for $2,450 USD and has an outside pocket the regular TGM does not (come to think of it I'm not sure that H even sells the pocket-less version anymore). There's also the smaller (but still sizable) GM model, which may work better for you if you're on the shorter side because the TGM is HUGE. Here's a graphite GM and black TGM for reference:
    Graphite GM.jpg EvelynTGM2.jpg