Which H fragrance do you recommend for me?

  1. I typically wear fragrances that are light and with citrus tones.

    I have tried the Un Jardin Sur Le Nil in stores a while back but I really wish I was able to try them all.

    Any suggestions? The Amazone line sounds like something I might like. The Rose Ikebana also sounds very lovely too from what I read in the other thread about favorite H fragrances.

    Thanks in advance everyone! :yes:
  2. liz - get the little ones (Hermessence?) that come in the set of four - you can play with them that way, and decide which you really like. I love to layer them. You'd probably like Vetiver - my fave.
  3. Yes GF I have that tooo and layering the Ambre Narguile and the Vetiver smell wonderful together...............
  4. Eau D'Orange verte sounds really nice too...Eau D'Hermes seems interesting also...So many fragrances! I need to find a way to smell them all.

    Where can I buy the little set of 4 you mentioned?
  5. liz, take some time before you decide.

    H has a booklet featuring their fragrances; on each page is a write-up about each fragrance. What you can do, is to ask your SA to spray onto the H ribbons (each ribbon has the name of the perfume) and slot them into each page. Bring this home to decide what you might like best.
  6. Jardin Sur Le Nil is also one of my favorites for summer.

    Some others I'd recommend:

    Osmanthe Yunnan
    Rose Ikebana
    Orange Verte
    24, Faubourg

  7. Hiris was another one that sounds great on the website.

    I noticed both Osmanthe Yunnan and Rose Ikebana were not listed on the website for some reason. I was curious about those 2 since they seem to be very popular.

    Is there a master list of all their fragrances posted somwhere? I already ran a search under "Fragrance" and "Perfume."
  8. liz - only some of the stores have the Hermessence range. Are you near a large store? Or perhaps you could mail order the little set of four? Actually, they can send you the little vials of the six Hermessesce scents for you to try out, if you call one of the bigger stores...and that's free!! The little sample vials hold quite a lot, too.
  9. Great idea, K!

    Wrt Osmanthe Yunnan and Rose Ikebana, I think the H website only has their stand alone perfume or cologne range, if you know what I mean?? I'm sure someone will be able to explain better, lol, but OY and RI, along with Vetiver Tonka, Amber Narguile, Poivre Samarcande are considered "Hermessense" which I think are not "stand alone" scents but ones which are there for layering, if the mood takes you. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Or am I just rambling incoherently?:sweatdrop:
  10. Wow, I'm learning so much :nuts:

    The nearest H shop to me is a couple hours away and is called "The shop that has nothing" but I will definitely call a bigger store for samples or perfume booklet. How fun!
  11. I would definitely say to try Caleche, but make sure it is the Eau de Toilette and not the Soie de Parfum, as the latter tends to have more ' soapy' overtones. The Caleche EDT is light and fresh with a citrussy/ bergamot/ vetiver type feel to it. A very elegant fragrance.