Which H bag is best for a mother w/small children?

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  1. I realize that the 35cm Birkin is too small for my everyday needs. Will a 40cm Birkin work? ...36cm HAC?

    The 40 Kelly(retourne) looks roomy but access seems to be a pain even with the shoulder strap?

    Are there other appropriate styles that close completely?

    I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations! Thanks!
  2. A canvas garden party?
  3. The all leather Garden Party?
  4. I'm not a mother, but I guess you need room and keep your hands free...
    Maybe a Massaï could do the job ???
  5. Definitely garden party....
  6. How about a nice, slouchy, clemence 37cm Bolide with shoulder strap?
  7. ^^ great idea!
  8. I'd go for the all leather garden party...but I wish the handles were a bit longer to easily go on the shoulder.
  9. How about a Lindy? It will keep your hands free and looks like theres plenty of storage space.
  10. I thought GP would be great but since it doesn't close (only one snap) a BOLIDE would be perfect. Shoulder strap option, hand held handles that are lovely, secure zipper, yet it looks very good when left open as well. A mou Bolide would be perfect in 37cm.
  11. Surprised that no one has suggested one of the larger sizes of the Victoria bag!
  12. ^^The larger Victoria would be great - and I'm looking for the thread where I think - pazt - used her lindy as a diaper bag.
  13. That's a great idea too--a 34cm Lindy seems like it would hold a lot, but if a 35 Birkin isn't big enough, maybe not??
  14. Hmmmm Lindy, Victoria, Bolide...



    Thanks so much y'all!!:flowers: