Which H&A diamonds do you prefer?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm so bad. Hubby promised me an upgrade of at least 2 cts for our 15th anniversary, sooner if I find "THE ONE". We're going on 13th but now that I'm looking (thanks to pricescope and tPf :p), maybe it's going to be sooner....so contagious. Anyway, it's so hard to find "THE ONE", like finding the perfect man....and specially for a H&A that is 2 cts + with specs. of VVS to VS and DEF color. I'm really sticking to DEF and at least VS. Anyway, Whiteflash has nothing of those spec. and the ones I found on GoodOldGold were mostly VS2 and one VVS, which I truly love but too bad it's under 2 cts. Here's the link. Which would you prefer? Remember, I'm still looking but this is a start. Thanks!





    I really appreciate your opinion, as I'm not a diamond expert. :flowers:
  2. Also, is H&A that hard to find in 2 cts and above?
  3. the larger the carat weight, the harder it is to find an excellent cut stone - H&A for example.
  4. anyone can use this tool to filter stones:
    the lower the # the better it should perform, here's the results for your 1st stone:

    Holloway Cut Adviser
    Selected: 61.7% depth, 56.6% table, 34.6° crown angle, 41° pavilion angle
    The result is for a symmetrical diamond with a medium girdle and very good polish

    Factor Grade
    Light Return - Excellent
    Fire - Very Good
    Scintillation- Very Good
    Spreador diameter for weight - Very Good

    Total Visual Performance 2 - Very Good - Worth buying if the price is right

    you can probably find a slightly better stone.
    This is JUST AN UNBIASED TOOL to help though, it's not the be all end all.
    It's really to help filter out stones before ordering them to see IRL.

    2nd stone scores better:
    Factor Grade
    Light Return - Excellent
    Fire - Very Good
    Scintillation - Very Good
    Spread or diameter for weight - Very Good
    Total Visual Performance 1.7 - Excellent
  5. Thanks Swanky for the link. :girlsigh: I'll play around with that tool.

    And about 2 cts up and H&A, yeah, it's so hard to find. :sad:
  6. best thing to do is start looking pretty seriously a few months before you may be really ready.
    Have a couple of jewelers know exactly what you want because you could very well turn away 10 stones before finding the perfect one for you.
  7. Do you think it's better to just skip the internet vendor and buy from onsite jewelers instead? I'm very picky.
  8. no, not really.
    I vought mine from a b&m store because I have a great relationship w/ my jeweler and was able to be really honest.
    I told her what I'd found online and was likely buying it unless she knew something I could be interested in that's competitive.
    I'd totally buy online if she hadn't come through for me and offer me a better deal than I found online. I'm fairly certain they made no to little profit on my ring.
    I'm picky too, I'd only buy an H&A stone if I were doing it online, I trust that cut and I trust GIA.
  9. Is yours laser inscribed?
    I'm paranoid buying online so, if I do, the diamond needs to be laser inscribed with either the GIA or AGS cert. number to avoid switch and bait....otherwise, I can't tell.
  10. :nogood:
  11. reputbale online vendors will send the diamond to an appraiser of your choice to verify the quality of the stone before you completely commit to it, there's really no need to be wary of online vendors.
    You should do this w/ a b&m stone as well anyhow.
  12. Oh, I never thought about that. It's good to know. When I bought my original ering, I went to an independent appraiser myself for a second opinion and for insurance purpose.

    Do you know why some have the laser inscription and some don't?
  13. I don't know why some stones are not laser inscribed. I bought my center stone online from WF. It is an AGS Ideal 0 and had the laser inscription on the stone. I sent the diamond to an independent appraiser and had the specs verified. If you choose an AGS 0 [Ideal] or GIA Excellent, from a vendor with a good return and upgrade policy, you should be fine. I would always suggest using an independent appraiser.
  14. Thanks! I definitely want one with the laser inscription.
  15. pushing that 2k mark is an extra 10k... for a .20 difference..

    i think once u hit the DEF mark they look the same maybe D is more blue? I say F VS 2ct should be about 30k or even the last stone looked good. who can see 3 faint clouds? plus its in the middle..