which gucci?


Which Gucci?

  1. Charmy

  2. Jackie

  3. Other (please specify)

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  1. trying to decide between two bags for work... both from gucci.

    I already have this prada deerskin multipocket hobo in camel but I am thinking something black would make a nice addition to my (very small) bag collection.


    my initial attractions are to the charmy medium hobo and the jackie hobo in black jacquard. Below are pictures of the bags --> (left) Charmy, (right) Jackie


    Please share any thoughts you have on the bags or on black gucci jacquard in general?

    Which bag do you think would be better for everyday use? (It has to be said that the stripe on the Jackie bag makes me a little nervous bc of the red and green -- colors i don't wear a lot, but i love the horsebit detail)

    let me know! thanks!
  2. I love the Jackie bag.
  3. i like Jackie too
  4. I like the jackie.
  5. I like all of them! But I like the Jackie
  6. I like the style of the Jackie better but would prefer it in the black jacquard. I'm just not crazy about the khaki jacquard for some reason. It's too preppy or something.
  7. Not a fan of either, perhaps you could get a jackie in a diff't collor since it's so similar to your prada already?
  8. I vote for Jackie
  9. Jackie is better
  10. Jackie! It's a classic!
  11. i love jackie
  12. jackie for me too...
  13. i also vote for the jackie! so classic ....
  14. The Jackie is a classic Gucci you'll treasure forever. It gets my vote.