Which Gucci Shoes for men?

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  1. I want to get some casual gucci sneakers.

    I am deciding between the following two. Which would you think? 20 y/o male?


  2. Not a huge fan of the brown pair but the black ones are hot!
  3. i agree I went to the boutique to buy the 1st pair and ended up with the second!

    depending on how big your feet are and how you wear your jeans- the 2nd looks alot better - the new colors in that style are looking good too
  4. yup yup...I like the style of the black shoe better! :yes:
  5. The black ones!!
  6. They both really look good. I like them both. However, the black might be more versatile...
  7. another vote for the black!
  8. The black ones :idea: