Which gucci purse should I keep?? Help... Part 2 update from part 1

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    This is the 2nd or 3rd gucci purse I bought for the last 2 months. I just want to keep one. So which one should I keep? Please help.. I can't decide which one to keep..

    well, i got the 1st bag in and i really didn't like it, so i decided to return it. i'm still waiting for the wave hobo to come in this week. i also have a princy tote in the same color ivory/cream leather with the ggs coming in from bluefly maybe this week also. so i guess it will be the count down between the wave hobe and the princy tote.
    i will try to model some pics when i get both bags in. i really love the ivory/cream leather with the ggs. i saw the princy tote at the store and i just love it, but i still haven't seen the wave hobo in that color yet so don't know if i will like the wave hobo or not.
    gucc hobo.jpg gucci wave.jpg WhitePrincey.jpg
  2. The princy hands down.
  3. I love th Princy!!!!! 2nd is the hobo. How much you got the princy for?
  4. I really like the middle one. Ive seen people wearing it and it looks TDF!
  5. keep the hobo!!
  6. retail $1040, sale for $832.00, but with 15% off code my total was $715.15 with shipping included.
  7. I really want the wave hobo of all three, so I say keep that one! It so luxurious.
  8. well, guys this is it. the winning bag is... the princy tote.
    i got the wave hobo i today. when i first saw the color and the soft leather, i just left in love with it, but when i put it on my shoulder, all that love just spilled out. i didn't like how the bag feels under my arms. the wave hobo just folds under my arms and it's hard to get my things out from the bag. also the bag was pretty deep and i just don't like searching thru the bag looking for something at the bottom of the bag. so i will have to return the wave hobo. so i guess i will keep the princy tote and hopefully it will come in soon in one peace. i just can't wait to get a hold of it.
  9. good choice! Can't wait to see modeling pics.
  10. Great choice! I love the princy tote, especially in guccissimo!
  11. awesome choice
  12. good choice, I was going to say princy as well:tup:
  13. I'd keep the 2nd or 3rd one. The 3rd is so cute :heart: w/ the ribbon on top. I don't like the shape of the first.
  14. Definitely the 3rd one.. The first one is too thin.. and the second one fits weird on the shoulder, I had the monogram one..

    I will definitely pick the 3rd one!
  15. This was the same issue I had with the Wave hobo. Great choice to keep the Princy tote. It is a very cute bag.