Which Gucci? Please helpe me decide.

  1. I am dying to buy a new Gucci but am very torn. The first one I have my eye on is the Gucci "Britt" in black leather with the double G hardware on the front (first pic). What's the consensus? Tacky or way cool?

    The second one I'm looking at is the "New Brit" in the off-white trim (second pic) with the double G on the bottom right corner.

    Thoughts? What would you go for? I go nuts trying to make decisions when it comes to new bags since they are such an investment. :nuts:

    Thank you so much for helping!!
    L10518824.jpg 169947_FCEKG_9761.jpg
  2. I have the tote version of the first bag. It's great holds alot of stuff and is super comfortable. I love that bag. The hardwear is nice , its bold but the bag is plian so its not to tacky. Im not a logo fan but I do like the second bag, price is amazing and the white trims makes it nice for summer. do you have black bags? If you have alot get the mono bag if not I would suggest the black britt, its a classic bag.
  3. I would get the 1st (black) one. You'll get more use out of it.

    I have the 2nd one and i like it a lot, but I use it as mostly a summer bag.

    Why not get the black first, then the other one later?
  4. i prefer the GG fabric one.
  5. I really love the second one. It would be nice in the summer. I dont know if I like they large gucci hardware on the front of the black one
  6. I have the first one and I love it. It is so comfortable and looks really nice. I have a channel bowling bag that has two straps and one always falls off my shoulder but this one stays on fine. Because of that I end up using it so much more.
    Hope this helps.
  7. I like both and I am a huge fan of the white trim and GG fabric but I would say if you can't get both, I would go for the black! It's a classic and I don't think the GG is tacky at all. I love that hardware!
  8. I prefer the 2nd bag.
  9. the second! (I'm also biased because I own that bag as well) but I love it, and am itching for some nicer weather so I can finally use it!
  10. i like the second one better.
  11. I would get the white trim fabric one.. great for the summer..
  12. second!
  13. i like the 1st one.
  14. Second one, like the color combo.