Which GUCCI handbag you would not buy or wear ever?

  1. -Gucci Pigna
    -Gucci Floral Canvas
    -I would not buy a pink Gucci bag
  2. guuci flora. i think its not nice
  3. :P Great minds think alike ladies..I agree w/ both of you!!! :heart: Emmy
  4. I would never buy the horsebit gg as in Italy it is far too much copied.
    I don't like either their basic wallets, their basic bags (the very small gg ones that are like a pouch with a strap) as they cost too much for what you get.

    I would not buy most of their most classic models as I love the more original takes on the gg monogram (less copied). I love the guccissima leather (seriously thinking about buying a guccissima bag) and I quite like the flora even if I wouldn't waste my money on it.

    I prefer to buy at their outlet so I can be sure I won't have what everyone else has as all the most popular models sell out before. I prefer not to have anything that will look outdated in a very short time.
  5. gucci white/black floral canvas...
    mink horsebit..
  6. pigna
  7. the floral print line and the monogram horsebit
    the only thing I have been buying from Gucci lately is shoes...I like some of the Britt line and I bought a couple Guccissima bags last year beyond that I have not been impressed with anything I've seen in the stores the last two years...nothing screamed you must have this bag...Chanel has been capturing my attention more and I've been more interested in Gucci's vintage bags lately instead of the new ones
  8. I'm not a fan of the pink mono...
  9. I agree about the floral bags......just NOT my style. I'm also into vintage bags lately. Of course it reeally makes me feel old when my Gucci's from the 80's are considered "vintage".